5 Things I do Every Night Before Bed

5 Things I do Every Night Before Bed by Camille Turney in ASOS Pajamas

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found my nighttime routines way easier to stick to than routines at any other time of the day. Maybe because we’re winding down and simplifying by that time of the day anyway. Regardless, it’s become a favorite time of mine to invest in some daily rituals.


The reason for these 5 things I do every night before bed is to promote relaxation, positivity and gratitude. All things I feel have been essential for an optimal night’s rest, giving my mind and spirit peace and clarity.


5 Things I do Every Night Before Bed

  1.  Rub essential oil behind my ears and on the inside of my wrists.
    • It’s become the last step after I finished my skincare routine. My favorite to use is a relaxing scent like lavender, ylang ylang or cedarwood. Or sometimes a mix of all them. It’s about finding the right aromatherapy that works perfectly for you. I also love to use essential oils that can be applied with rollerball applicators like this one. As you relax on the couch at night and then slip under your covers in bed, the small little whiffs you get from the oils are just wonderful.
  2. Drink warm tea.
    • Such a simple, antiquated habit. However, both my husband and I have felt the incredible calming effects of sipping even on the smallest bit of tea in the evening before bed. Our favorites are peppermint, chamomile and honey + vanilla. We skip the sugar and brew it on our stove top.
  3. Set a gratitude alarm.
    • While I’ve always been good about thinking/communicating my gratitude often (I think being a sentimental and nostalgic person helps a lot with this), I’ve decided to change things up a bit and set an alarm that goes off each evening. I don’t speak generally to what I’m grateful for, instead I’m specific and make it something about that exact day. I find that this helps to make even the most stressful or tough day, a brighter and more positive one. It also offers a chance to see that even a very mundane, simplest of days can have a little magic and beauty in it too.
  4. Spend at least the last 10 minutes before bed/falling asleep without looking at my TV/Phone.
    • I actually choose to not have a TV in my bedroom, because of how much I believe in the benefits of not falling asleep to television. Very similarly, I don’t look at my phone right before bed either. I allow myself to get sleepy on my couch, then turn off the TV and head to my bedroom. I play some music or a podcast set to a timer most nights and let my eyes rest, which in turn, helps my entire body/brain relax. The ease I have in drifting off to sleep has increased exponentially doing this, and I’m a very anxious person and an extremely light sleeper. So it wasn’t an easy transition, but my body/brain fell into the habit and now I won’t have it any other way. In fact, I rely on that wind down time now in order to fall asleep and have a peaceful one.
  5. Start my rest in bed on my back with my shoulders pinched back and arms/hands tucked under my back/butt with my palms facing down.
    • I’m a stomach/side sleeper, which is really bad for posture and leads to lots of kinks in my neck and knots in my back. However, I started to at least begin my sleep in this position to give myself a little stretch (in the place I end up hurting the most in the morning, between my shoulders) and simplicity before getting tangled up in my pillows and sheets. I also try and focus on my breathing during this time too, which slows down my heart rate and relaxes me not only because of my slower breaths and heartbeats, but because I’m only focusing on one thing-my inhales and exhales.

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