3 Quick & Delicious Frozen Meals I’m Loving

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3 Quick & Delicious Frozen Meals I'm Loving

Hey, you know what’s not always fun to eat for lunch? Last night’s leftovers. In fact, I tend to ship those off with my husband most days, so I can eat one of these 3 quick & delicious frozen meals I’m loving.

I usually have to pry myself from my work to get into the kitchen to see what the heck I’m going to eat for lunch-usually with little excitement. However, these 3 meals I’m sharing with you today have made me excited for lunch everyday. Especially since I don’t have to spend time cooking them!

3 Quick & Delicious Frozen Meals I'm Loving 3 Quick & Delicious Frozen Meals I'm Loving 3 Quick & Delicious Frozen Meals I'm Loving

First is the Birds Eye Veggie Made™ Chicken Alfredo. I’ve been a big fan of the Birds Eye brand for years, from their veggies to pasta, they help me get a yummy side dish for my dinners when I need one quick. However, this chicken and pasta bowl is everything in one. My favorite thing about it is that the pasta is made from 100% vegetables. That’s just smart! Also, the veggies taste so fresh and have a perfect crunch to them. (I hate soggy veggies).

3 Quick & Delicious Frozen Meals I'm Loving 3 Quick & Delicious Frozen Meals I'm Loving

Another meal I’ve been enjoying for lunch for a couple of years now are Healthy Choice power bowls. This Mango edamame Vegetarian Power Bowl has been the newest one I’ve tried and I really like how light, yet flavorful it is with crisp edamame, sweet mango, dried cherries and sunflower seeds. For being a vegetarian meal, I’m also impressed with it’s 10grams of protein. If you like mango (like I do!), you’ll love this one.

3 Quick & Delicious Frozen Meals I'm Loving 3 Quick & Delicious Frozen Meals I'm Loving

Now, when I first tasted this Evol Cilantro Lime Chicken Burrito it shocked me with how good it tasted. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t as good as this burrito ended up tasting. It has white meat chicken raised without antibiotics, cheddar cheese, black beans, brown rice, roasted corn and my favorite part-the authentic tomato salsa. I would order this burrito at any restaurant, so you can imagine how awesome it is to just warm it up in a couple of minutes and be able to enjoy in a jiffy!

3 Quick & Delicious Frozen Meals I'm Loving

I really can’t recommend these meals enough. Especially when you need something quick, but don’t want to deprive yourself of eating good food.

It was so hard not to eat them while I was taking these photos-they smelled amazing and I was so hungry. And yes, I did eat ALL THREE OF THEM once I was done shooting the photos. My husband did help me a little…as much as I’d let him 😉

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