The Makeup Products I Use to Achieve a Sun-Kissed Look without the Sun

The Makeup Products I Use to Achieve a Sun-Kissed Look without the Sun

As I mentioned on my Instagram, I’ve been using some pretty intense skincare products lately, which means my sunscreen game has been even stronger than usual, as my skin is very sensitive to the sun. Although I tan easily, because for many years now I’ve been wearing 50spf on my face daily, my face is always a few shades lighter than my body.

However, now I’m reapplying sunscreen like it’s nobody’s business and it’s also the end of summer which means less leisure sun exposure. So my face is extra light for me. This past summer I had 4 very sun-filled trips back-to-back and that did a number on me too, regardless of how much sunscreen I wore. Which by the way, the EltaMD UV Clear is my holy grail. It has Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid in it, so it moisturizes too. Most importantly, no breakouts or rashes from this SPF 46 sunscreen, which countless others give me.

Now onto The Makeup Products I Use to Achieve a Sun-Kissed Look without the Sun!

CC Cream: CC+ Cream Illumination SPF 50+

I mentioned in this post how I was giving this cc cream a break, because I thought it started looking different on my skin. Well, turns out that was my skin’s chemistry and not the product. Hello, have I mentioned how fickle my sensitive skin is? 🙄 It’s back to being my everyday cc cream!

Highlight: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

A healthy glow in a bottle, I can’t get enough of this “highlighter/complexion booster“. I don’t go too much lighter than my natural skin color with this product, as I try to achieve a very natural glow with it. So less highlighting, more subtle brightening. I swipe this under my eyes to the top of my cheekbone, down the center of my nose and on my cupids bow. A little goes a long way.

Bronzer: Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Contour Duo + Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzing Powder

My everyday bronzer, because of it’s ultra subtle and natural look is the Filmstar Bronze & Glow Contour Duo. However, when I want a little tanner of a look, I put a touch of the Hoola Matte Bronzing Powder on top and focus on the center of my cheeks, top of my forehead and neck-to achieve an even “I’ve been in the sun” look. Notice that each of these doesn’t have shimmer and I think that’s important to keep your bronze looking like you got it from the sun and not makeup.

Blush: Flesh Tender Blush

After the loss of my Charlotte Tilbury blush (it fell and broke into a million pieces 😭) I purchased this Flesh Tender Blush. I didn’t think I could love another blush the same, but this one is awesome. It’s got amazing pigment, so a little goes along way. I apply this to the apple of my cheeks and blend well. Then use whatever is left on the brush and give my nose and the top of my forehead a few swipes. Again, to give my face a balanced sun-kissed look.

Lipstick: Flesh Fleshy Lips Lipstick

I am a sucker for terracota lip shades. The color is very close to my natural lip color, but with some added warmth and rosiness. That’s why it’s my go-to shade when going for this sun-kissed makeup look. I especially like the Fleshy Lips Lipstick, because it isn’t extremely pigmented and has a natural, moisturizing shine.

Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

This entire palette is filled with colors that offer the perfect warm and bronzy glow. Since this makeup look is about keeping it on the natural side, I stay away from the right-end of the palette and use the shades in the middle. Topping of my eyes with just a touch of the shimmery shades like scorched.

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