Tips on How to Wear a Sweater with a Midi Skirt

Tips on How to Wear a Sweater with a Midi Skirt

Updating this Tips on How to Wear a Sweater with a Midi Skirt post, as it’s one of my most popular posts. No surprise either! A sweater and midi skirt is one of my favorite looks. Especially during the holiday season, as it’s a perfect balance of polished and cozy.


I can tell you from first hand experience that not every sweater is meant to be paired with a skirt and vice versa. I’ve noticed particular details and styles help bring this look together and make it seem effortless. So today I wanted to share just that!

Tips on How to Wear a Sweater with a Midi Skirt

Tips on How to Wear a Sweater with a Midi Skirt

1. Choose a sweater that is on the thinner side.

2. Choosing a sweater with a fitted hem will allow it to tuck really nicely into the skirt or into your bra with little to no bulk.

2. Choose a skirt with some kind of stretch in the waist band. The waist having a zipper or clasp closure is fine, but make sure the band has some elasticity. It helps everything look nice and sleek if you choose to tuck your sweater into the skirt.

3. Choose a solid color for one or both of the pieces. While a patterned skirt or sweater looks just as cute in this style of look, keeping at least one of them solid in color helps the outfit look polished and less clunky.

Here are a few other ways to style a black midi skirt! See more of my styling videos on my Instagram ❤️
Plus a few other ways to wear a black satin midi skirt!











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