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Fashion blogger to follow Camille Turney

Happy Sunday, friends! I’ll be doing a mix of relaxing and finishing up some work today, which is actually a way I really like to spend Sundays. If I’m not doing at least one productive thing on a Sunday, I tend to get anxiety for the new week.

Any who, as you may have noticed while describing what I’m up to today, I will not be watching the SuperBowl. I love playing (flag) football, but regular football upsets me because of how unnecessarily violent it is. I can’t watch without getting a stomach ache. If the SuperBowl is your jam though, I hope you have an awesome Sunday enjoying it!

  • If the weather in Miami let me wear jackets more often, I’d be buying a shacket right now.
  • Definitely making some pupcakes for Otis and Oliver.
  • Baublebar’s new button jewelry collection is so cute and really does look vintage.
  • Pink is far from my favorite color in clothing, but I love finding the perfect shade for a pink manicure.
  • I can’t believe I had no idea Amazon had it’s own skincare line, but they’re having a sale now, so I may just have to check it out.
  • Have you heard of Leanne Ford? Are you as obsessed with her design style as me? It’s perfection.
  • File under the best beauty how-to ever: butterfly wing eye liner
  • With spring right around the corner, I’m about to get my favorite denim shorts in black. Can’t recommend them enough.

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