My Treat-Myself Products

My Treat-Myself Products

Hi friend, I hope you’re ok. I’m thinking of you and I’m especially thinking about those of you who are doctors, nurses and first responders. I have people very close to my heart that work in those fields and I know the uneasiness (to put it mildly) it can give both the worker and their family.


I hope you’re inviting positivity and calmness in however possible. To help with that I thought today would be a good day to share some of my treat-myself products. These are products I use that help me feel taken care of and like I’m making myself a priority.

Disclaimer: It’s going to be no surprise that many of these are skincare related, I just can’t help it. It’s where I most like to self-indulge 🤷🏻

My Treat-Myself Products

  1. The first thing I eat/drink in the morning is a glass of water with Goopglow Morning Skin Powder. It ensures I kickstart my system with water and I start my day having done something good for my body and skin. I’m on my second box, having already taken them everyday for 2 months, and I have really enjoyed adding this product to may daily routine and feel like I begin each day taking an extra step in taking care of something that’s very important to me-my skin.
  2. Daily Harvest smoothies. What a game changer these have been for me. I usually blend mine up right after I’m done drinking my Goopglow, but I’ve also substituted my lunch for one too. This is such a treat for me and a way to really take care of myself, knowing I have a stocked freezer of organic goodness waiting for me. I’ve tried Daily Harvest smoothies and oat bowls-both are great, I’m just more into the smoothies right now.
  3. If you like flavored sparkling water like I do, do yourself a favor and pour it into a wine glass and add in some berries or other fruit. I don’t know what it is about taking a second more to not drink from the can and to add in some fresh fruit, but I immediately feel like I’m treating myself. I always like to have 1-2 flavors of sparkling water in my fridge and doing so has helped me reach less for the diet coke 🙃 I’m into Bubly right now and can’t get enough of their Blackberry flavor.
  4. Not everyday, but somedays (3ish times a week), I like to make my shower an event. I get my shower playlist going, put my hair mask on, bring in a wine cup (I use plastic for safety) and use an aromatherapy shower capsule. While my hair mask is working it’s magic I use a coffee scrub on my body or exfoliate with my body brush and my peppermint or lavender Dr. Bronner’s wash. I get out of that shower feeling so relaxed and calm.
  5. I use my facial steamer before my nighttime skincare routine-again not everyday, but 2-3 times a week. Not only does it help all of my skincare products seep more deeply into my skin, but using a facial steamer feels calming and requires me to sit down and close my eyes for several minutes. Which in itself is a nice way to be with my thoughts or escape from my thoughts (whatever is needed) with no distractions. The steamer also helps me when my allergies are really bad and I feel stuffy.
  6. Using my Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool each evening has been another relaxing and effective skincare tool. While it’s good for many things, it’s also helping a bit with my terrible TMJ. There are movements I do with it (I learned watching how-to videos) that help alleviate some of the tension and pain in my jaw. So once I’m done using the Gua Sha, I immediately feel better.
  7. Is there anything more classically pampering in the skincare world than a sheet mask? I mentioned the Tatcha Luminous Sheet Mask in this blog post and how incredible it is. It’s my favorite sheet mask by far.

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