Elevating Your Stay at Home Style: Smock Dresses

Elevating Your Stay at Home Style: Smock Dresses

Don’t know what day it is? Haven’t gotten out of sweats/pjs in days? I feel you. When it comes to stay at home style, some days it feels completely pointless to change into something cute. Although many of us are new to working from home, I’ve been doing it for over 5 years and can tell you from personal experience that while it certainly makes a positive difference to wear something other than sweats and leggings while working from home, there are some days (weeks) where it doesn’t happen.


Besides changing into exercise clothes for my daily workouts, today is the first day that I actually slip into something cute and put some makeup on. My go-to when I do decide to get out of my loungewear is a smock dress. This style of dress is so comfortable thanks to it’s roomy waistline and flowing hem-making it the perfect compromise when wanting to look more put-together, but not giving up the comfort, considering we are still working from home.

A quick tip I did want to share is that when I do have those weeks where real clothes are just not happening, I make it a point to get dressed, do my hair and put on a little makeup on Fridays. It adds to the excitement of the end of the work week and honestly when many days seem to blur into the next, it helps snap me into a good mood and even motivate me to do something a little more fun at home. I’ll prepare a charcuterie board, bake something, look up an indulging recipe for dinner, sip some wine outside…whatever you fancy that gets you out of the rut and in a more fun and positive headspace for the weekend-even if you are staying in for it!

Elevating Your Stay at Home Style: Smock Dresses

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