What I’ve Purchased During Quarantine’s First 2 Weeks

What I’ve Purchased During Quarantine’s First 2 Weeks

1. A foot peel. I love an at-home foot peel, it gets my feet softer than a pedicure at a salon. The only downside is that roughly 3 days after you use it, your feet reallllly peel for a approx 2-3 days. Which means sandals are not an option for about a good week from the day you use the peel to the day you stop peeling. With salons closed and quarantine in full-effect, there is no time like now to give it a try if you’ve never done one. I promise you will be simultaneously grossed out, amazed and pleased with the results. I use the Earth Therapeutics brand.

2. Wine club. I’ve ordered a good amount of wines from grocery stores these past few weeks, but my friend gave me a code for Firstleaf wine club delivery and I was able to get my first box of 6 wines from award-winning vineyards for $29. $29! It charged her $32 I think, but either price is amazing for 6 wines. The code is: toast.

3. Eye masks. I used to use eye masks once, sometimes twice a week. Now I’m using them every other day. The season change has my allergies going nuts, which tends to give me darkness under my eyes. Plus, my stress affects my under-eye too. So, I’m indulging in them big time! I’m using Patchology eye masks and I love them. They have a few different eye masks depending on your needs, I’m using the illuimating ones.

4. Nail Polish. I’ve actually been meaning to restock some of my favorite shades and try out some new ones. I paint my nails 90% of the time and only visit the salon a handful of times a year. So at-home manis and pedis aren’t new to me. However, I have found that I have a little more time on my hands to paint them more often. Here are my newest additions…

5. 8greens. Ever since incorporating Goop Glow into my daily routine almost 3 months ago, I have looked into other supplements I can add to water and drink. I’ve really enjoyed the ease of it and the health benefits. I’ve drank three tablets so far-it tastes like a fizzy citrusy drink. The amount of good stuff packed into the tablets is really impressive and things that I imagine to be especially helpful during this time!

6. Local craft beer. Being self-employed and a small business owner, I understand first-hand the scare and effect covid-19 has had on the industry. However, brick and mortars are especially taking a hit and it’s a really important time to step up and support these businesses in any way we can. Supporting my local craft brewery scene has been my absolute pleasure, as it’s a two way street of benefit. Like most small businesses that create something you can drink or eat, the love and passion is palpable and it’s the kind of treat and indulgence that is needed right now as we hang at home. My favorite local brewery here in Miami to support is Unseen Creatures Brewing & Blending. If you’re a Miami local, you can order their beer for pick-up here.

7. So many books. As some of you know, I have a little book club facebook group where I share what I’m reading and we exchange thoughts on the books. Here is what I’m reading and what will be next in the book club. Join us!

8. A yoga ball. I’ve been working out from home for about 4 months now, which means I’ve been adding little by little to my workout equipment. I just purchased a yoga ball because I love the glute and hamstrings workouts I can do with it-BUT I also love that I’ll be able to get in some real good stretching on it too, which I’m needing a whole lot of lately.

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