My Denim Shorts Collection: The Best Denim Shorts for Curves

The Best Denim Shorts for Curves

I wanted to freshen up this post I shared last year, since I have some new favorites and we’re approaching the warmest seasons!

Today I’m sharing my denim shorts collection and what I think are the best denim shorts for curves. I’ve also gotten so many questions about my agolde shorts that I figured I’d not only highlight them here, but also share the other denim shorts I love and get a lot of use out of.

My Denim Shorts Collection: The Best Denim Shorts for Curves

I break down the fit by a 1-5 scale of how relaxed the fit is.

1 being the most relaxed and 5 being the most fitted.

Relaxed Fit: 4. My holy grail of denim shorts. The perfect mix of fit and give for the most flattering style. Cinched high waist with a stretchy leg opening and form-fitting in the booty area. Shop here.
Relaxed Fit: 3. These are similar to shorts above, except a tad looser throughout and not as high. Because of the slightly more relaxed fit, I chose white. I don’t like any denim shorts too tight, but especially white ones. Shop here.
Relaxed Fit: 1. This pair is great for those with bigger bums, since the back is longer than the front. I love wearing these on beach vacations-the looser style looks really cute with bathing suits. Shop here.
Relaxed Fit: 2. These are on the shorter side, but they’re still long enough to wear pretty often. I love the classic denim shade, distress details and the price tag! Also on sale right now! Shop here.
Relaxed Fit: 2. This is the other shorter style I have. I like that they sit on the hip and have a loose fit, balancing out their shorter length. Love these for beachy vacations too. Shop here.

I’m a size 26 in all of these shorts. If the brand has different sizing, just look at the size-chart and I’m whatever is equivalent to a 26. I like my shorts to have shape to them, but never too fitted and always with a little give in the thighs. I have a smaller waist, thicker thighs and butt, and I’m 5’2″-I’ve been asked my height and body-type 50 times this past week on Instagram, so I thought I’d relay that info on here too 😉

You can see more about my sizing and my reviews on fits here in My Size Guide.

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