10 Casual Little Black Dresses Under $50

10 Casual Little black Dresses Under $50

And it’s another week. Most days I’m moving and grooving and keeping myself busy enough to stay distracted and calm. Though this past week I had a couple of days of high anxiety and lots of sadness. It was rough. Even on my good days I’m waking up like 4 times each night, each time taking at least 15 minutes to fall back asleep. And I’m trying to stay away from naps during the day, because even though I’m an expert power napper, I’m afraid if I nap these days I’ll just sleep for hours. So, yea. Last week had some rough days.


And while it’s harder to differentiate between workdays and weekends, I still do lean into the new week feel. I’ve always loved the metaphor of a fresh start and if we focus on it, we can still get that weekly even during this time. So happy Monday, may this week bring you more good days than rough ones.

10 Casual Little black Dresses Under $50

Dress: ASOS (on sale!) Shoes: Sole Society (on sale!) Purse: Amazon Sunglasses: Watch: Michele (on sale!) Earrings: similar

I’ve done numerous posts on little black dresses on SLC throughout the years, but it’s always a relevant piece to highlight because of it’s versatility. So here we are again! Unfortunately the one I’m wearing is selling out fast since it went on sale. However, I rounded up 10 casual little black dresses under $50 below. Each of which I’d style with everything from sneakers to sandals or flat-forms like the pair I’m wearing. I’ve had these espadrille sandals for going on 3 years and they’re always a favorite of mine each spring and summer.

10 Casual Little Black Dresses Under $50

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