At-Home Workout with Adidas

Home Workout Ideas with adidas & blogger Camille Turney 2

Although many of us may be new to exercising at home, I’m actually going on month 5 of doing so. I decided to stop going to the gym and workout at home because it was a calmer and more convenient experience. I also work from home, something I know a lot of people are having to do right now, and I’ve found it much easier to carve out time for exercise when you can do it in your home, balcony or backyard.


Whatever your level of fitness is and whatever your abilities are, know that my love for exercising and sharing it with you comes first and foremost because of what it has done to my mental and emotional health. Do I appreciate the benefits that exercising has on my body’s physical appearance too? Of course, it always feels good to visually see progression in my strength. However, the clarity and calmness it’s provided me is the real reason I love working out. My advice is do whatever you’re capable of doing as long as it makes you sweat. The more I sweat the better I feel!

Home Workout Ideas with adidas & blogger Camille Turney 2 Home Workout Ideas with adidas & blogger Camille Turney 2

Ankle weights are one of my favorite things to workout with. They are a simple and small piece of equipment that you can do so many exercises with. You can even wrap them around your wrists and have them double as wrist weights!

I also find myself hanging in my workout wear at-home during the day, so that I’m ready to slip on my sneakers and get to it when it’s exercise time. Which means I take the comfort and versatility of my workout clothes seriously 😉

Home Workout Ideas with adidas & blogger Camille Turney 2 Home Workout Ideas with adidas & blogger Camille Turney 2

Leggings: adidas Sneakers: adidas Ankle Weights: amazon

These adidas seamless tights are the newest addition to my leggings collection. I’m really into the seamless style lately, I just love the sleekness it adds to leggings. These tights have a great compression fit with a good give for movement-so perfect for everything from a cardio session to leg day. I’m wearing shade tech indigo and it’s the prettiest blue!

I’m also wearing one of my favorite sneakers, the adidas senseboost go. These have become my go-to sneakers for everything from working out to wearing with a pair of jeans. I especially love the wider forefoot for working out, since it gives my toes some space to move and helps me with balance.

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