10 Casual White Sneakers to Wear with Everything

10 Casual White Sneakers to Wear with Everything

Happy Monday, the only time of the week I seem to know what day it is 🤪 I hope you’re doing well and staying as positive as possible. This is my 7th week self-quarantining, having only left the house 3 times-very briefly. It’s beginning to feel normal, which is strange to say because it’s such an extreme situation, but I’m guessing my human nature is just kicking in where I’m getting used to the routine. I’m not saying I’m liking it though! It’s just not feeling so weird anymore.


I don’t know if you’re in a similar situation as me, where there are people in your life not really taking social distancing seriously, which is really disheartening for many important reasons. Also for the least important personal reason that I’m also missing family, friends so many things that would make me happy to do, but instead I’ve chosen to remain home.

Anyway, as always, best to not harp too much on what others do and focus on my responsibility and being able to be proud of my decisions to support my community, those at high-risk and those that are caring for the ill.

If you have also been a responsible and caring human during this time and are doing your part by self-quarantining, we’re in this together! And if you’re on the frontlines/essential worker thank you!

10 Casual White Sneakers to Wear with Everything

Now onto more frivolous things to have fun with, shoes! Sneakers to be exact. I’ve noticed that because I wear white sneakers so often, it’s been really helpful to have several options to choose from. It also helps the longevity of each pair, since I wear each less often and the wear and tear is much more gradual. I’ve rounded up below 10 casual white sneakers to wear with everything. These aren’t athletic sneakers, since I wanted to focus on styles that can easily be worn from jeans to dresses.

10 Casual White Sneakers to Wear with Everything

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