Loungewear You Can Leave the House Wearing

Loungewear You Can Leave the House Wearing

I didn’t think I wanted to dedicate a blog post to loungewear after I’m sure you’ve been bombarded by post after post during these past couple of months, but I’ve actually gotten several requests to share loungewear you can leave the house wearing AND that isn’t tie-dye. LOL to that last request, because I as much as I love the print I do agree that we may need to take it easy with the tie-dye sets. And the truth is that tie-dye loungewear isn’t always the easiest thing to elevate when leaving the house. It’s cute, but definitely stays looking sporty and chill.


So, today I wanted to share with you pieces that are comfortable enough to wear at home, but also easy to style for a more put together look to leave the house in.


They may not come to mind when thinking loungewear, but they are one of my favorite pieces that transition effortlessly from hanging in at home to wearing out and about. I tend to gravitate towards jersey, cotton or linen materials, since those are always so comfortable, but really most casual-style jumpsuits can double as loungewear.


Not to be mistaken for sweatpants. There are jogger pant options that are comfortable, but have a dressier element to them that makes them easy to style into a more put-together casual outfit. I personally look for a quality material that isn’t too thin and also for little details like flattering pockets and waistlines.


Finding sets right now that aren’t tie-dye or sweat pants is harder than I thought. I’ve also always noticed that the more elevated a loungewear set is, the pricier it is. Which makes since you’re buying two pieces. However, I do think you get your money’s worth. I get a lot of use out of the sets I own, since I can mix and match the pieces. I love switching it up and wearing the set tops with denim shorts and the set bottoms with a plain tee or tank.

Elastic Pants

Joggers and sweats aren’t the only loungewear pants out there. The queen of loungewear is an elastic waist, so when a pant has this feature, there’s a good chance they could be comfy enough to hang in at home. The key to making this pant able to work for outside of the home is all about the structure of the pant. I look for a wide leg or a tapered/straight leg. I find linen to always be a great option for this style of pant.

Loungewear You Can Leave the House Wearing: Style Tips

There are a few simple ways I make the most of my loungewear pieces and style them into more elevated casual looks for when I leave the house.

  1. A denim jacket. Are we surprised? Denim goes with literally any other fabric, so it’s the easiest piece to toss over a loungewear jumpsuit or to pair with joggers. The outfit becomes immediately more polished.
  2. Flatorms. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, these are shoes that aren’t quite wedges, but have a similar style. In fact it’s the difference in style that makes them more casual, thus a perfect shoe to elevate any of the loungewear pants/joggers or jumpsuits above.
  3. A crisp white pair of sneakers. They will keep the casual look going, but the neutral and clean style of a white pair of sneakers will also help keep things looking as fresh as possible.
  4. Metallic or studded slide sandals. This style of sandal is still laidback which will work effortlessly with a loungewear outfit, but when choosing a pair with a little extra umph, you’ll also dress it up a bit.

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