29 Beauty Products I Love from Target

29 Beauty Products I Love from Target

I originally planned on this post being called the drugstore beauty products I love and use, but I quickly realized that they are also all available at Target. Which is convenient! So this is a 29 Beauty Products I Love from Target post 😊 I did research to see if Target is considered a “drugstore” since we all know it really is SO much more to us 😂 but it is considered such because it has a pharmacy and was actually even acquired by CVS. So my original post idea still works!


Above you’ll see the Pantene Miracle Boost Shampoo and Conditioner and a few products from the Sauce haircare line. All of these leave my hair feeling and looking so good for such a low price. I’ve spent many years only purchasing my haircare through my hairdresser and spending lots of money on very fancy brands. And while I still have some luxury haircare products I like to keep in my shower and use from time to time, these drugstore shampoos + conditioners and masks are part of my daily/weekly routine.

P.S. The Sauce Beauty Chimichurri Mint Tingle Intense Repair Shampoo feels amazing on the scalp and really does tingle. It smells so refreshing too!


The thing I’m the most boujee with is my skincare-which is a pretty obvious thing to be so with. Especially with sensitive skin like I have it’s usually not a matter of choice when choosing my skincare and instead most times I’m left with the only option of buying $$$$ products. However, as you’ll see above there are quite a handful of skincare products I use that are available at Target and many drugstores. Most of these like the face wash, micellar water and the toners I use daily. While the others are products I keep on hand and interchange depending on what my skin needs.


I’m a creature of habit with my makeup and rarely change things up except for trying new lipsticks and highlighters and few others-those kind of fun products. The base of my makeup routine has remained the same for a long time. That being said I did want to try to find a more affordable concealer since the ones I use are $28 and $35 (with the $35 one running out faster than I’d like it to at that price point). I purchased the e.l.f. Hydrating Camo Concealer and for $6 I’m impressed. It has wonderful coverage and a little goes a very long way. If you’re using it under your eyes just rememeber to use eye cream first.

Other than that product the rest of the ones above I’ve been using for a while, some of them for years.


Above is a little bit of everything it seems, from eye drops to deodorant, but each is a product I use daily or a few times a week. I love Target’s vegan perfume collections, of which I have above a spritz and perfume. I own both of those and they smell amazing-actually everything from the Good Chemistry line smells wonderful. Another vegan brand I’ve been a fan of for years is Pacifica. I use their body lotion shimmer and it gives my skin the prettiest glow. I also never go on vacation without it, because the more tan I get the prettier this looks on my skin.

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