Ribbed Knit Dress Roundup

Ribbed Knit Dress Outfit

One of my favorite fabrics is ribbed knit. I own lots of tank tops in this fabric and love the way they fit, but I recently purchased a ribbed knit dress and now I’m hooked on those too. The exact one I’m wearing unfortunately sold out, but I’ve rounded up a bunch of reallllly cute ones below.


The main reason I love this fabric is because it does a great job of flattering your curves, without being too tight. I never wear form-fitted pieces, but I find ribbed knit a happy medium on that front.

Ribbed Knit Dresses

White Platform Sneakers

Oversized Denim Jackets

Also, I just want to check in and say I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re staying safe and healthy both physically and mentally. 2020 has been such a tough year so far, with both scary and heartbreaking events. A few years ago I made the decision for my health to rarely watch the news and even with my job being one that relies on social media, I actually have never spent lots of time on the internet. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve taken an even bigger step back from it all. While it’s very important to be informed, and I have found other ways to be, I believe whole-heartedly that nothing is more important than your well-being and mental health. For me personally, when I find myself experiencing things like not being able to sleep at night or having chest pains (which happens to me when my anxiety is at a high, along with many other things) I step away from the noise and become very present. I’ve learned to cope with my general anxiety, but if I feel myself spiraling I try to remember that I can create the mental space I live in. I don’t need to let in outside noise and instead can stay in the calmness of the present moment my body is in. Does that make sense? As common as anxiety is, it’s a pretty personal experience that can differ so much in everyone that has it, so it’s sometimes hard for me to explain this kind of stuff.

On that note, not only does everyone who has anxiety have different levels/types of it and copes with it in differing ways, but there are many people that don’t have anxiety at all. I think it’s important to remember this when you feel like the world is shouting and you’re wondering how to deal with what’s happening around you and how to be a bigger part of it, like so many others are. I’ve realized the hard way, time after time, that when my anxiety isn’t cared for, then I’m not the best me. And if I’m not the best me, I can’t live my life to the most and I can’t give my most to others. I think it’s about nurturing the mind, body and heart. Whether spiritually, with meditation, exercise, mantras, isolation, rest or anything else that centers you and brings you back to a neutral, peaceful state where you can then give to the world around you.

Sending so much love to each of you!

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