My Most Worn Everyday Pieces

My Most Worn Everyday Pieces

While wearing this outfit, I realized it consisted of many of my most worn everyday pieces. Which isn’t a surprise since it’s a pretty neutral outfit and I’m also a creature of habit, especially when it comes to my wardrobe. I’ve realized I have outfits that I tend to wear over and over again depending on the activity or day of the week. I’ve just sort of created a correlation over the years between a specific feeling or familiarity of the kind of outfit I wear with what I’m doing or what day it is. Is that weird? haha. For instance, on Saturday mornings I love to put on a billowy dress or jeans and a graphic tee and Sunday mornings I like to slip into something athleisure. Mondays I love a high-waist jean and button shirt. And yes, this is all while being home. Remember, I’ve been working from home for many years-I just find getting dressed at least most days of the week feels really great!


Anyway, this behavior is probably why I’m able to bring this post of my most worn everyday pieces to you today! Almost everything linked below I own or it’s a very similar piece.


I wear jeans so often, I have a good mix of different styles in my outfit rotation. When it comes to white jeans, my favorite are these Everlane high-waist ankle pair. They’re the perfect amount of thickness for white jeans, while remaining comfortable enough for long wear. As for crop jeans, I’ve always found Levi’s wedgie ankle jeans to hit at a flattering spot and they’re available in a lot of denim washes. Lastly, I practically live in Abercrombie mom jeans (I have 3 pairs) their fit is 100%.

Crossbody Bags

While I use all of my bucket, basket, satchels and tote bags regularly, there is no bag I use as often as a crossbody. I own a handful and the ones I wear the most are my neutral styles. A black, brown and gold/light-toned.

Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

Give me all of the tortoise shell sunglasses. Round, Cat-Eye and Square-I love them all!

Button Shirts

If I’m not wearing a tee the other shirt I’d be wearing is a button shirt. Short sleeve, striped and long-sleeved. I especially love wearing the short sleeve styles with jeans and the long sleeve styles with denim shorts.

T Shirts

My closet has far too many tees, but at least I’ve got a variety of them! Besides a classic v neck (I’ve been wearing the whisper cotton tee one for years) I also really love a peplum tee for a little extra feminine detail. And of course no variety of anything in my closet is complete with a striped version.


My sneaker collection ranges from neutral to funky, which is why my most worn styles are just that. I wear my white vans weekly and often switch them out with my high-top converse (especially when wearing crop pants) or one of my bold pairs.


Sandal season is year-round here in Miami, so I’ve got myself a few pairs in each color/style so that I don’t wear them down too quickly. Some of my most-worn styles are grommet/stud sandals, comfort-first slides and block heel mules.



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