A Sporty Casual Look with Adidas Mesh

This post is sponsored by adidas. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Camille Turney x adidas mesh 4

When it comes to my go-to and everyday kind of outfits, I tend to get in a groove with the pieces I like to wear. I find myself reaching for the same style of outfit day after day because if it makes me feel comfortable and put-together, it makes me a happy lady. Recently those kind of outfits have been athletic wear-especially matching pieces. Today I’m talking about a sporty-casual look with the new adidas mesh that has become an outfit I wear often!

Camille Turney x adidas mesh 4

First up is the ALL ME 3-STRIPES MESH BRA that has some seriously cute details. It’s got a really unique high neck that I’ve never seen before in a sports bra, and because of the soft fabric, it isn’t bothersome at all. In fact, it’s really breathable plus has removable pads for extra versatility. The high neck paired with the extra straps adds even more flare.

Camille Turney x adidas mesh 4

Obviously the standout detail is the mesh front, which makes this the coolest bra ever and perfect to wear alone or have peek out underneath your favorite jacket. The jacket I reach for the most is always a denim style and I love the juxtaposition of the bra’s edgy and sporty look with the jacket’s classic and casual look.

Camille Turney x adidas mesh 4

The other awesome mesh adidas piece are these BELIEVE THIS 2.0 3-STRIPES MESH LONG TIGHTS. I’ve been a fan of adidas tights for a long time now, as they have some of the most comfortable and high-performance compression I’ve found in leggings. Now that adidas created their tights with these mesh accents, I don’t know if I’ll ever be taking these off. The mesh inserts aren’t just pretty to look at too, they’re actually built-in ventilation to help keep you feeling cool throughout the day.

Camille Turney x adidas mesh 4

Since the adidas mesh set is so sleek and neutral, I like to finish the look with a bold pair of sneakers to add a pop of color.

Whatever your style, the adidas mesh bra and tights are really easy to wear. You can choose accent pieces and accessories like white sneakers, a plaid long-sleeve tied around the waist, a denim or vegan leather jacket, gold hoops, a fanny pack…the list goes on. Or of course, skip the extras and wear the mesh bra and tights with your bare feet at home, because they’re just that cute and comfortable 😊

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