What I Own and Love That’s on Labor Day Sale

What I Own and Love That's on Labor Day Sale

Happy Saturday friends! I’m spending mine taking it easy. To be honest, yesterday was a little rough for me. I had one of those days where the whole quarantining, social distancing and “new normal” really caught up to me.

Yesterday, I just got overwhelmed with the monotony, was incredibly bored and really missed the normalcy of the past. This is coming from someone who even before the pandemic stayed home 75% of the time and loves alone time. So I truly can’t even imagine what extroverts who have also remained responsible during this time are going through. I have my new house to keep me excited and busy with and I’m beyond grateful for my work, but it’s been about one day a month where I’ll just get real bummed about everything.


What helped me yesterday (besides my husband and dogs giving me some extra cuddles 🥰) is that I thought of the saying about being grateful for ordinary days, which I parallel to even a boring day. This saying serves as a reminder that those are the days where all is well. A day with no scary surprises or an unexpected affliction. Of course I mean this on a personal and firsthand account, unfortunately the second you widen the lens it’s clear to see as a whole this country has hardly had a “normal day” in a long, long time. However, strengthening my postitive mentality, outlook and overall well-being is personal and so I apply these mantras on a personal level. Doing this had my attitude change by the end of yesterday and I was determined to make today a postitive one. It has been! No more gloomies.

I hope your weekend if filled with so much love and comfort. Below I’m sharing a bunch of stuff I own and love that’s on labor day sale this weekend!

What I Own and Love That’s on Labor Day Sale

  • Angular wine glasses, get FREE SHIPPING on your order with code: SAVEMORE. I certainly didn’t need more glasses when I bought these, but they’re just so darn pretty.
  • My favorite mom jeans in black and blue and ripped are $40 OFF. You’ve seen me wear these so many times.
  • I have a really similar marled pouf (had it for years and love it), this one is 62% OFF
  • My White Nespresso VertuoPlus Bundle Pod Espresso Machine by Breville is over $60 OFF. This is the cheapest I’ve ever seen the white one.
  • I have 6 or 7 Whisper Cotton Tanks and Tees and they’re 3 for $45 right now. They’ve been my go-to’s for years.
  • This pretty blue floral dress is almost $30 OFF. I sized up, as it’s pretty snug around the waist.
  • My newest polarized sunglasses are 30% OFF with code: SAVEMORE. Really wish I would’ve waited a week to get this deal 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • My newest pots and pans I bought right before moving in are 44% OFF with an extra 20% OFF with code: WKND. I plan to curate my own pots and pans set over time, but I really needed to replace all of mine for the new house and these do a good job at a low price.
  • We have this Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen and definitely recommend it. It’s $30 OFF.
  • My HOKA ONE ONE running shoes (which I use for most other workouts too) are 20% with FREE SHIPPING. These shoes have saved my feet. The soles of my feet used to hurt so much when doing cardio and now they don’t at all.
  • The softest tank, I have it in white and black. Runs long, but I like that for a front tuck. It’s 20% OFF.
  • The Believe This 2.0 tights are really great compression leggings for working out and they’re so sleek. I own about 3 pairs. They’re 25% OFF with code: SALE25.

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