Stuff I’m Loving Right Now that Makes Me Happy and Healthy

Miami blogger Camille wears h&m Matching PJ Set. Products for a healthier and happier life

I was about to start this post with a “happy Monday!”, but it’s Tuesday and that feels nice. Cheers to a short week! I’ve got a busy week ahead packed with lots of stuff and then next weekend we’re expecting to finish putting down turf on our backyard-so I’m REALLY looking forward to that. Our yard has been a mess for the last few weeks as we prepare for the turf and we’re so excited to finally see it come together. And I’m excited to not be sweeping up dirt inside my house coming from the yard ever again 😅

I wanted to round up and share with you today some stuff I’m loving right now that makes me happy and healthy. From pj’s to vitamins-I guess these things truly reflect the time we’re living in 😂

Matching PJ Sets

For most of my life I’ve been a grab whatever is at the top of my pajama drawer and wear that kind of person. A couple of years ago I started buying PJ sets here and there and now my PJ drawer is mostly sets and I’m into it. It feels really nice to wear stuff that matches and that I actually feel cute in, instead of mix and matched sweatpants and old t-shirts. I think this self-quarantine has only strengthened my love for a PJ set, as there are definitely some days I end up staying in them way longer than anticipated.

Ritual Vitamins

Can you believe it took me nearly 30 years to start taking a multi-vitamin? I mean of course my mom had me take them as child, but in my adult life I never have. I started taking Ritual Vitamins a month ago and signed up for a subscription, so I’ll be getting my next supply any day. I really like what these vitamins are all about (vegan, no fillers etc.) and I have noticed a difference in my overall wellness and even my skin looks a little brighter. These still give vitamin burps which are truly awful-they taste like fish chum. But it only lasts for an hour or so after taking the vitamins and it may not even happen to you-I just do a good amount of burping because of my acid-reflux so it was bound to happen to me. Even with that minor drawback, I still really recommend these vitamins because of their effect and the brand’s transparency.

8 Greens

I shared in this post when I first started taking 8 greens several months ago and I’ve since re-purchased 2 times. I actually now wash my vitamins down with this every day. I’ve noticed an improvement in my gut-health and energy since drinking these daily. Also, since it requires a cup of water to mix the tablet with, you are guaranteed an extra glass in your day too-a win, win!

Patchouli Oil

I recently purchased patchouli oil for my diffuser, as I was interested in it’s inhalation benefits and also it’s scent description sounded like my kind of scent-I lean towards earthy and woodsy scents. I’ve been using it in my diffuser on it’s own and mixed with other oils for a week now and I’m really enjoying it. It’s known to help relieve stress and inflammation. I can speak to the stress factor, as I feel it does have a calming effect.

Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent

It’s been mosquito season here in Miami and they have returned with a vengeance. Since we’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors during our backyard reno, repellent has been a must. However, I really hate the chemicals in most repellents. I came across Murphy’s Naturals spray a few weeks ago and we’re now big fans here. The repellent works really well and smells strong, but it’s an all-natural smell of lemon and eucalyptus so we don’t mind it at all. We also have the brand’s incense sticks that work great too.

Bedroom Air Purifier

When I first moved into my apartment several years ago, my allergies got terrible. A mixture of a new environment plus carpet in the bedroom set them off. I purchased this air purifier and my constant sneezing and sinus pressure reduced about 75% within a few days. After about a year in the apartment I stopped using it when I kept forgetting to buy a replacement filter and I had also adapted to my environment by then, so my allergies weren’t so bad. Well, years later I purchased replacement filters and have this air purifier in my bedroom in my house now and still love it just as much. Even though my allergies are not consistently bad as before and I only get a flare up here and there, I just love the way my room feels with this purifier. You can smell the difference in the air and of course see the remnants on the filter when you go to swap it out. This specific purifier has worked perfectly for 5 years and is ON SALE for 44% OFF.

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