Black Midi Dress Outfit with Blazer and Heels

Black Midi Dress Outfit with blazer and Heels

Today’s look is one of the very, very few times this past summer I wore heels. It felt strange, but nice. I’m naturally a casual dresser, even preferring my dresses with a flat sandal or a sneaker, however…I really miss getting dressed up to go somewhere other than my living room. It only took 6 months of a pandemic to get me feeling this way and now I’ll take literally any opportunity to put together a more-than-casual look these days.


Black Midi Dress Outfit with blazer and Heels Black Midi Dress Outfit with blazer and Heels

There are countless reasons why I love my job, but one of them during this specific time is the fact that I document what I wear and part of my job is to share pretty things. Honestly, it’s been therapeutic lately. When I get a new dress I can’t wait to share with you, I find myself more appreciative of something to wear that makes me feel good and put-together, which then gets me even more excited to share it with you.

Speaking of dresses, the dress I’m wearing is one of the styles I share in this post, where I talked all about flattering black midi dresses. It’s been such a great closet staple of mine for the past year.

Black Midi Dress Outfit with blazer and Heels Black Midi Dress Outfit with blazer and Heels

I know I talked about this and asked this question months ago, but considering that we’re still in the thick of things, do you think you’ll be back to your old dressing habits when we can responsibly enjoy our social lives out and about again? Or do you think you’ll put a little more extra time and energy into the way you dress? As for me, I’ll never again wait to wear something or “save” something for a future occasion. Lord knows I have about 10 of those pieces currently in my closet that as you can imagine, have still not seen the light of day.

On another note, I’ve received lots of questions about sharing home decor and doing a home tour. I don’t think I’ll do a tour (seems very MTV Cribs to me 😜) but I will start sharing decor and I plan to do room reveals too. I actually have a living room reveal partnership coming soon and I’m SO excited about that!

Happy Humpday and hope the rest of your short week is a great one!

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