Links & Things 9·12·20

Jean and white Levi's Sweater and mule Slides outfit by Miami blogger Camille Turney

Happy Saturday, friends. We had a tropical depression come through in the middle of the night last night (2am to be exact) it woke the pups and I up and had us just staring out the window for a while. I love a good rainy and gloomy day, but rain and especially storms during the night have always given me really bad anxiety. So you can imagine a tropical depression kind of storm was not fun! All is well today; we’re still getting lots of rain and wind, but it’s now a perfect gloomy day where the pups are now catching up on their missed sleep from last night and I’m sitting by the window with a coffee in hand, doing some home organization shopping online (so many container options!).


Links & Things 9·12·20

  • I can’t believe in my booze cabinet that’s over flowing with florally and fruity liqueur, I don’t have Chambord. But I’ll be purchasing it now to make this “Most Popular Drink at the US Open
  • My husband and I had planned to do a little trip to see the leaves change colors (we’ve always just missed it when we’ve traveled during Fall) and this Fall Foliage Map is such a good resource. Since we’re postponing the trip, we’ll definitely use it to plan our trip next year!
  • Oh boy do I want these heeled chelsea boots. They’re PERFECT.
  • I’ve had such a big back-stock of my Clarisonic brush refills for so long, that it wasn’t until this week I realized they went out of business and I had to find another face cleansing brush option. I came across this Vanity Planet Facial Cleansing Brush and especially with the current sale, I’m going to chose this one as a replacement.
  • I started watching Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix and really like it. This company has over 2 million IG followers and is a big deal, but I had never heard of them. I love organization and find it really calming, so I’m into the show. Plus, the ladies behind the company are fun!
  • These work desks are compact and versatile-great options for anyone new to the WFH life.
  • Every once in a while I like to browse the Etsy DIY Kits section, to see if anything sparks interest. I’ve found myself on there even more lately, as I’m looking to get into something crafty to do while relaxing and unplugging from work and any stress.
  • These strappy sandals are on sale (25% off) and in currently in my cart, because I think they’re so pretty and versatile. I just don’t need another pair of sandals 🙈
  • This pool house shower is beautiful and looks far too nice for a pool shower-it belongs in the house!
  • I really like thee sunglasses organizers, but I know that I have too many sunglasses,  I’ll end up with 7 of these. So I’m going to purchase a few of them to push me to part with my less worn pairs and get real organized with my overflowing sunglasses collection.
  • If you read my post earlier this week, I mentioned how I’m only wearing PJ Sets these days which has me feeling way more put-together and cute at night/morning. And now this feather trimmed pajama set may just be my new PJ goals. I mean over $200 for pajamas is wild, but my goodness they’re gorgeous!

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