16 Dresses to Get You Excited for Fall

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I welcome it with the same excitement as I do every year, on the other hand I feel a little down that it’s this time of the year already and things still feel chaotic in the country. While I had already watched documentaries and tons of youtube videos on the great RBG, her passing a few days ago had me circling back to her history and the life she led. As a woman and business owner, I have so much to thank her for. What a beautiful thing it is to live a life that shatters ceilings and opens doors for so many.


I’ve mentioned it previously a few times, but even before the chaos that’s been happening in 2020, I’ve lived my life with this zoom in, zoom out approach. Where 90% of the time I’m zoomed into my personal life (where what matters most is i.e. family and friend relationships and my personal work and passions) and the other 10% of the time I allow myself to zoom out in order to take in and educate myself on things happening. I’m so strict with my zooming out time, that sometimes I miss “big” news. People think that because I work primarily on the internet/social apps for my job that I’m always in the know and that can’t be further from the truth. One example of this was a couple of weeks ago when I didn’t realize a tropical depression was coming my way until it was already here at 2:30am one morning. At that point I hopped on twitter to see what my local news had said about it and sure enough they’d been talking about it for days and I just never knew 🙈

Anyway, all of this to say I really am still excited for the new season as it always brings a sense of freshness to the air and of course I’m going bananas with all of the seasonal/holiday decor in my new house. I mentioned on my Instagram the other day that I had to stop buying holiday decor (really any decor) the last few years living in my apartment, because I really had no more room for it. I actually did the majority of my decor shopping before even moving into my apartment during after-holiday sales. So I was stocked when it came time to move in. However, now in my house that’s 3 times the size of my apartment I’m ready to finally shop for it again. My Fall front porch was completed a week ago and I’m already shopping for Christmas decor-having purchased 3 things of garland last week 😂

In celebration of Fall beginning tomorrow, today I’m sharing 16 dresses to get you excited fo Fall. As you see in the photo above, I love wearing flowy (and often flowery) dresses at home when I want to stay comfortable, but also feel dressed up. Moving from summer, now just switched the color palettes to more deep and warm hues.

16 Dresses to Get You Excited for Fall

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