Tailored® Personalized Pet Food Follow Up with Otis


Tailored® Personalized Pet Food Follow Up with Otis

Does the face above look like the face of a very content and well-fed puppers? Because it is! Otis has been LOVING his Tailored® Personalized Pet Food this past month. I mean, he’s always been a big fan of meal time. However, the paws in the air while hopping in a circle dances have at least doubled each time he’s heard me pour food into his bowl lately. I think I’ve won dog mama of the year 🥰

Tailored® Personalized Pet Food Follow Up with Otis

Remember when I told you that Tailored is backed by a team of pet nutrition experts and veterinarians that will guarantee your dog is loving their food or you’ll get your money back? Well, this first month I was keeping an even closer eye on Otis to see how he was reacting to the food and throughout the day too, thinking there may be a possibility we might have to tweak something here or there in his personalized food. However, I’m happy to report it’s been perfect. One thing I’ve noticed in just one month of feeding Otis Tailored® Dog Food is he has better digestion!

He used to burp a few times within the hour after he ate and he used to also seem really full (bloated?) after he ate, which led to him looking a little uncomfortable. Now he’s quite the gentleman, not burping and just relaxing on the couch or enjoying his toy after meal time. It’s been awesome to see these little changes-they make me really happy to know he’s feeling great 🥰

Tailored® Personalized Pet Food Follow Up with Otis

That’s why I’ll soon be taking the same quick quiz to personalize food for my other pup Oliver! The same way I did with Otis, I’ll let Tailored® know of Oliver’s unique needs and sensitivities through the 3 minute quiz and he can join his brother eating food that’s made just for him. I think he’s been a little jealous of Otis this last month 😉

Tailored® Personalized Pet Food Follow Up with Otis

As I mentioned in my previous post, my dogs are everything to me. Everyday I try to return to them the happiness they give me, which seems impossible. However, making decisions like choosing to give them personalized food is one thing that Tailored® makes easy and that I do confidently because of their transparency.

To learn more and place your dog’s personalized food order visit tailoredpet.com.

Use special code KRISTA60 and subscribe & save 60% on your first subscription order!

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