My Fall Dining Room & Tablescape

My Fall Dining Room & Tablescape

Happy October! It’s always been my favorite month of the year. I feel like it’s the month that officially kicks off the holiday season and leaves the summer behind. Then it became the month I got married, so now it’s even more special to me.

Today I’m excited to share My Fall Dining Room & Tablescape with you! With moving in less than three months ago, I had to skip Halloween decorations this year. So I went straight to Fall, something I never do because I LOVE Halloween, but it just felt like a smarter thing to do this year.

My Fall Dining Room & Tablescape

I chose to stay very neutral, so I could incorporate black into my decor. Two reasons for this: Firstly, I love black decor and it usually comes out a lot when I decorate for Halloween, but since I was skipping that this year I thought it would be nice to include it for Fall decor. Secondly, my house has a lot of black accents (like our window frames for instance) which I love, so I wanted to lean into that.

I think mixing textures is always the easiest trick in the book to make any space or tabletop look great. The different textures and sizes amongst the centerpiece pumpkins is what adds dimension to my Fall tablescape, while sticking to a color amongst them keeps the aesthetic elevated.

My Fall Dining Room & Tablescape

I sprinkled in mercury votives with flameless tea lights, so the table would look extra cozy at night when they’re turned on.

My Fall Dining Room & Tablescape

I’ve had the rose gold chargers for years and they’re one of my most-used styles. Metallic chargers are always a great buy, as they go with just about every aesthetic and can be used year-round.

I wanted a simple, textured runner and knew burlap would work perfectly. I chose one with simple grey stripes to bring together the color scheme.

My Fall Dining Room & Tablescape

This may be the first time I’ve created a tablescape where I’ve used napkin rings. I’m not sure why I’ve never displayed them before, but I do love them. Especially these wooden ones. I chose to purchase this style so I could use them anytime throughout the year.

While rustic decor isn’t my home style, I do incorporate a bit of it when Fall rolls in. I think it’s just the best kind of decor to embrace for “harvest” vibes. So for this, I chose black and white gingham napkins, which also add a pop of pattern to everything.

Fall tablescape

Lastly is my pretty little window sill display which I just love. I was going back and forth between placing a garland or wreath there, but once I had the idea of adding gourds to the mix, I know garland was the way to go.

I’ve yet to find the perfect place in my house for my gather sign, but it’s found a perfect temporary seasonal home here. I love it always, but especially during the holiday season.

Changing home decor from season to season is one of my absolute favorite things to do. It feels like a real celebration and embracing the little things that bring us so much joy. I’m so exited to continue to share my home with you.

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