My Living Room Reveal with City Furniture

Bright, airy neutral living room. City Furniture Living room.

I’m so excited to finally share my living room reveal with City Furniture! From the first time I walked into my house several months ago, I fell in love with the high ceilings and all of the natural light that fills up the space. I knew the living room could be a bright and airy place to cozy up in. It was such a great experience to work with City Furniture to bring my living room to life. Their collection of not only big furniture pieces like couches, but also smaller accent decor, has blown me away with it’s quality and style-all at great prices.

Ok, so let’s dive in!

Bright, airy neutral living room. City Furniture Living room.

I’ll start with the couch. This couch is a dream. I knew I wanted a white couch for this space so it would embrace the brightness of the room, but like most people, I was a little worried about the possible fragility and very diligent in researching for the perfect one. I didn’t want to be afraid to live life on and around the couch in order to keep it looking vibrant. I came across this Raegen White Fabric Sectional and not only fell in love with it’s simple, yet chic and cozy design, but once I read about it’s stain resistant and moisture repellent LiveSmart fabric I was sold.

Camille Turney's Living Room Reveal with City Furniture

Remember, I also have two rowdy pups, and I’m not the least bit worried about them around the couch, because we’ve already had someone put their dirty paws on it (looking at you Otis!) and the marks rubbed off in no time. I didn’t even use soap or water. In addition to the sectional, I decided on the matching ottoman to finish off a clean and cohesive look. I love that it can serve as a coffee table/accent piece or to be brought around to any part if the couch for more lounging room!

Camille Turney's Living Room Reveal with City Furniture 11

 The other statement piece of the living room is this beautiful rug. In the past I’ve tended to stay away from any color in my area rugs. However, when I saw the color combination of this rug and how beautifully muted the shades were, I knew it would add the perfect pop in the space. It’s also SO soft. I expected it to be gorgeous, but I was surprised by how good it feels on bare-feet!

Camille Turney's Living Room Reveal with City Furniture

Now onto pillows! The couch comes with three small, plush pillows that I think look great piled together in the corner or paired with other accent pillows. I placed mine on top of what’s probably the softest blanket ever created-no really, I consider myself a blanket connoisseur and this one is the cream of the crop!

For larger pillows I chose styles that were neutral, so that I can keep them on the couch year-round, but that also had fun details. Neutral never has to be boring!

Camille Turney's Living Room Reveal with City Furniture

Between the pom poms, fringe and tassels, these neutral pillows had the perfect amount of personality for me. They also have a great amount of structure, which I really like when it comes to accent pillows.

Camille Turney's Living Room Reveal with City Furniture

Lastly, the decor accents. The pieces that truly bring this living room together. The rattan light fixtures look gorgeous during the day, but even more magical at night when they create pretty shadows on my ceiling because of the shade design. It adds a touch of whimsy to the room.

Camille Turney's Living Room Reveal with City Furniture

As I mentioned before, I was really impressed with selection of home accents City Furniture offers. It took me no time to find the perfect pieces to finish the space that embraced the vibe and that were so well-priced for the awesome quality and style. My favorite way of decorating is to combine textures and materials, so I loved this two-tone end table that gives the illusion of a combination of concrete and wood. On top of it might be my favorite of all the decor accents, the leaf vase jar. It’s so unique! And what room is complete without the versatility of a decorative tray to display pretty little knick-knacks and candles?

Camille Turney's Living Room Reveal with City Furniture

Ok, do you think I love lanterns? From a modern design like this enclosed glass one or rustic like this open one to the always statement hurricane style . Lanterns are one of my favorite decor accents, because they look good everywhere. Floor, coffee table, shelf etc.

Bright, airy neutral living room. City Furniture Living room.

Oh that’s just me, twirling around my living room as one does when they’re happy as clam 🤗 Thank you to City Furniture for helping me create the perfect heart of my home and sharing my living room reveal with you!

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