My 2021 Intentions

Red Dress Boutique Romper Dress with Cheetah Print Heels outfit

So it’s the last week of 2020. Wow. I would try to put into words how I feel, but there really aren’t any that I could use to accurately do the job. The one thing I can easily say is how grateful I am and what a gift gratefulness is. It changes perspective, eases a restless spirit and calms rough waters. Everything I needed countless times this past year.


A bit about my outfit: I really love this romper dress. Yes, it’s a romper and not a dress. And yes, I’m calling it a romper dress, because it’s both to me and wouldn’t you know it- the store it’s from calls it that too! I love a good short dress, but really hate the feeling I may flash someone with a slight gust of wind. Enter this romper dress that solves that problem. It comes in 9 colors (I want to get the baked plum color next) and has a mini sleeve ruffle situation and along with a scallop hemline. Just all very cute details I’m into.

I’ve mentioned many times here on SLC I’m not much of a New Year’s resolution type of person and after 2020 I find it particularly odd to even think about setting certain types of goals. However, over the past weekend I made myself do some thinking about my 2021 intentions and anything I would like to experience in the new year. I focused on simple and lighthearted intentions.

My 2021 Intentions

  1. Take more walks with my husband. Our new house is in a wonderfully walkable neighborhood. We’re even by a couple of waterfronts that are so pretty and relaxing-but we’ve yet to go on a walk. So, I want us to start taking walks together, especially during the week, which I think will help gives us a pep in our step amidst our work days and slow things down, which I always welcome.
  2. Restart the Join Me in Miami Book Club. I really dropped the ball on this one and I’ve been so bummed about it. Between house hunting then finding a house then moving, the last 6 months have been very busy to say the least. However, reading and connecting with others through reading has always been such a fun escape and I want to restart the club in January!
  4. More video content. I think I may say this at the end of every year, but I do think I did the most video content in 2020 (still wasn’t a lot) but at least I’ve improved 😜 So, I’m hoping to at least double it next year.
  5. Downsize my belongings. It’s kind of funny that I never felt like I had to downsize in my little apartment before buying our house. However, now with so much more space, somehow all of the storage areas are filled and I kind of don’t like that. It feels excessive. A friend asked me the other day how I fit everything I have in this house in my apartment (that was 3 times smaller) and I honestly had no answer-I have no idea. So, I want to minimize my decor pieces, my clothes and shoes-all of which I think I have too much of.
  6. Stretch more. I had about 3 months during the summer when I was so good at stretching daily and then again, with my move, my schedule got all out of whack. Those months of daily stretching felt so good on my body and helped relax my mind, so I really want to get back to it. P.S. I was just doing very basic yoga and dance stretches.
  7. Learn to play 10 of my favorite classical piano songs on my new keyboard. I had been wanting a keyboard for a while, to sharpen my skills (which are so, so rusty) and to help me escape and relax. My brother got me one for Christmas and it’s not even a week later and it’s been already so great to have and play. I’m hoping to master some of my favorite classical songs in 2021.
  8. Get better at responding to DM’s. I’m sorry to anyone reading this that has an unread DM from me! Ironically, for working on the internet and in social media, I really like to disconnect and so that means when I go to open my DM’s on many days I find myself with an overflowing inbox and Instagram deletes the messages at a certain point, so I don’t even see some of the DM’s that were sent to me. Along with my spending more time responding to DM’s, I would totally encourage you to email me or comment on my blog-as those are places I’m more on top of as far as replying. If you’re set on only using Instagram, please feel free to re-send messages so I can make sure and see them if Instagram deleted them. I promise it won’t annoy me and in fact will help me out!
  9. Get adventurous with my baking. I do pretty well in the cooking department as far as finding new dishes to create, cooking a lot with spices from other cultures and such. However, baking is another story. I sort of stick to my go-to recipes I know my family and friends love. So, I want to experiment more with my baking. This is also because of how much I watch The Great British Baking Show how inspiring it is 😉
  10. Continue shopping primarily small business. 2020 inspired me, as I know many others, in shopping small. I think about 80% of my shopping in 2020 was small business and I’m really proud of that and also feel honored to have so many handcrafted and made with love pieces in my home and that I gifted others these holidays. This sometimes means waiting longer to receive something or paying more for something and/or shipping, but my experience of shopping small has always outweighed all of that. I want to continue to do so in 2021.

Those were the things I thought of over the weekend. I’m sure they’ll be more I add to the list, but for now, I think it’s pretty solid. I know nothing is going to drastically change in the blink of an eye at midnight on December 31, but I do have a lot of hope for the new year ❤️

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