My Walmart Wellness Finds for the New Year & Beyond


My two favorite things about shopping at Walmart are finding new products to love and shopping products I already love at a great price. The Walmart Wellness Hub combines both of those, which is great always, but especially at the start of a new year. I really love how they’ve categorized curated wellness products into different sections like their “4 resolution pillars” which include: Fuel your workoutPractice Self CareBoost Mental WellnessEat better. All of which are perfect areas to shop at for a new year.

4 resolution pillars: - Fuel your workout & Manage Weight - Practice Self Care - Boost Mental Wellness - Eat better

My recent purchases through Walmart’s Wellness Hub were all products I’ve been enjoying for years. While I shop these products year-round, I’ve found it really helpful to make sure at the beginning of each new year to I’m stocked up on all of them. It just helps kick-start any new wellness routine I have planned or help me continue strong with one already in practice.

My Walmart Wellness Finds for the New Year & Beyond

I thought I’d share with you my recent purchases and how they work perfectly into my everyday life!

My Walmart Wellness Finds for the New Year & Beyond

Dr. Teals’s Pure Epsom Salt: I can’t speak highly enough about the power of epsom salt. I used to use it sparingly throughout the year, but recently it’s my go-to for immediate body and muscle ache relief. Whether it’s because I’m sore from a workout or stress has taken a toll on my body, an epsom salt bath is EVERYTHING. I’ve trusted Dr.Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt for many years. I love that it has spearmint and eucalyptus oils in it, which make the experience 100 times better.

Premier Protein Café Latte: No matter my wellness resolutions I like to put into play each new year, one thing I know is just not reasonable for me personally is telling myself “this will be the year I eat breakfast everyday”. I’m just not that person. However, finding these Premier Protein Shakes has been such a game-changer for me. The Café Latte flavor tastes wonderful in the morning and each shake has 30g Protein!

Organic Chia Seeds: I’ve been adding Walmart’s Organic Chia Seeds to everything and anything for years. As soon as I found out all of the benefits of chia seeds, especially how rich they are in Omega-3 fatty acids, it was a no-brainer to sprinkle some of them into my shakes, oatmeal, salad and more.

Emergen-C: Even before 2020 I was riding that Emergen-C train. I have it 3-5 of these a week. I usually drink them while working in my office or before I leave my house, I’ll mix one up in my to-go tumbler and take it with me for the road.

So, about 3 days a week my day looks like this:

Wake up and drink a Premier Protein Café Latte, get to work, add Organic Chia Seeds to a snack or my lunch, back to work or run an errand in which case I make myself an Emergen-C drink, workout, soak in a Dr. Teals’s Pure Epsom Salt.

Nothing extravagant. However, just an ordinary day was sprinkled with healthy habits thanks to my purchases at the Walmart Wellness Hub!

P.S. I get all of the above either same-day delivery or next-day delivery with my Walmart+ membership (Walmart+ free shipping, no order minimum on items from (excludes oversized/freight & Marketplace items)

If you want to learn more about it, I talk about the membership benefits here and here!


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