Decorating for Holidays Throughout the Year

Decorating for Holidays Throughout the Year

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Or any other holiday that comes before the Fall season? I do. I know where I got it from too, my mom. Growing up, my mom had the house embracing whatever holiday of the month/season. In fact, while my mom decorated the house, I got to decorate my bedroom for the holiday. For Christmas, I always put up a tiny tree in my room, decorated that and then hung lights around my room. I love that she instilled that kind of fun and celebratory spirit in me and has always surrounded our family with it to this day.

As soon as I got my first place, I knew I would continue to do the same thing. I decorated throughout the year in my apartment and now do so in my house. Some holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving (really the entire Fall season) almost every nook and cranny is filled with something seasonal and festive. Then for other holidays and seasons like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Spring, Summer etc. I just sprinkle it throughout my usual, year-round decor.

I think it’s really easy to allow the inner-cynic to get the best and think all of those “Hallmark holidays” are dumb or even think decorating for anything but Christmas is just exhausting and will cramp your home style and aesthetic, but I’m going to stand on my soap box for a quick second to say don’t let that happen. Firstly, I feel the same excitement when going into my decor closet to grab those few little seasonal and holiday pieces to place around my house as when I bring out the Fall and Winter decor (albeit on a slightly smaller level, because ya know, pumpkin and Christmas trees are hard to beat). Secondly, there are so many ways to incorporate nods to the season and/or current holiday without having it overwhelm your home’s aesthetic.

Here are the ways throughout the year I sprinkle in seasonal and holiday decor in my house.

Decorating for Holidays Throughout the Year

• Dish towels

• Wreaths

• Candles

• Pillows

• Bathroom Decor Towels

• Flowers

•  Small tabletop accents

While the above are all ways to sprinkle seasonal and holiday decor throughout your home, the other option is designating just one area to the decorating.

Several examples:

• entryway table

• mantle

• formal dining table

• porch

• end table

• buffet table

With this option, your home’s decor remains untouched, but there is a little area of fun designated to getting updated throughout the year.

Alrighty, so with Valentine’s Day being around the corner, I wanted to share pieces I would use (and are currently using) to add decorative touches to embrace the day in my house!

Valentine’s Day Home Decor

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