The BEST Bug Repellent Products I Use in My Yard

The BEST Bug Repellent Products I Use in My Yard


Today I’m sharing The BEST Bug Repellent Products I Use in My Yard! With our tropical climate here in Miami comes all sorts of critters, most I don’t mind. However, mosquitos and flies are the WORST. I know mosquito bites are not good for us, but my goodness do flies gross me the heck out too. Both make it so hard to relax outside and since we moved into our new house in the thick of the summer and all it’s critter glory, I was on a mission to find products that would keep them at bay.

The BEST Bug Repellent Products I Use in My Yard

First up are these Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks I was introduced to by a friend. I personally like the smell of incense, but even if you don’t, I think you’ll be fine with the scent of these. It’s very subtle and smells more of a faint burn than anything. You place them in the ground, in a plant pot, in an incense holder etc. and they burn for hours. I found when lighting just one, they work best when you’re within 10 feet of it. When I’ve lit more, I can be anywhere in my yard and I see a decrease in mosquitos.

These Mosquito Dunks are perfect if you have areas in your yard where water tends to accumulate like where the rain gutter empties, a dip in your yard or if you have intentional water features like a bird path or pond. We have water behind our house, which can obviously led to an increase in mosquitos, so I purchased these to throw into the water. I love that they’re environmentally friendly and safe to all living things, but deadly to mosquito larvae.

This patio egg is as cute as it’s effective. You can hang it anywhere and it looks decorative, but inside is where the magic is. You pour inside of the ceramic egg a mosquito deterrent that is made up of natural oils. So, like everything else I’m sharing, this is another safe repellent. I have two of these I hang by our back door, where we do the most sitting. I really like the scent too, it’s very lemongrass-y.

Ok, this bug zapper WORKS. But understand that the more it works, the more you have to empty it and it can get gross. My suggestion is to make sure and empty it after each use. It holds up to rain wonderfully, no damage at all. It also attracts all sorts of bugs, not just mosquitoes, which I like.

Good ole trusty citronella. I do think citronella candles works, but I feel like you’ve got to be near the candles to reap the benefits. For this reason, I’m really particular about them. I not only want it too look good, but it had to be all natural too, since I’ll be seated close too it.  I found this large citronella candle on Etsy and loved the concrete look and the natural ingredients. The vessel and candle are handmade too!

I’ve always loved the look of mosquito repellant torches, the flames add a cozy touch to the yard. However, I have found that all torches are not made the same. I’m so glad I found this brand called “Tiki”. The products are amazing and work. They carry the stake torches, tabletop torches, torch fuel and other accessories. Not to mention their torches, both stake and tabletop, are so pretty! Much more modern than the classic bamboo style torch.

And now for the flies. WOW. WOW. WOW. I can’t tell you how incredible these fly traps are. I have linked above the regular size and a jumbo size. I have used both. When the brand tells you it will catch 20,000+ flies, it’s not lying. Is it disgusting? YES. Would I rather flies be in these bags than on me and my food/drinks? YES. It’s another product that is harmless to humans and pets too, which is great.

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