A Go-To Camel Coat Look

Camel Coat, Black Jeans and Black Boots

I hope your weekend was wonderful. My husband and I have celebrated Valentine’s Day casually and usually at home for many years now, but he was working yesterday, so I enjoyed a lounge-y day at home. I cleaned my house for a few hours in the morning and while that doesn’t sound relaxing, that after-cleaning feeling I get when my home is all picked up and squeaky clean is so good that the work is worth it. I also use cleaning days as a time to unplug and just jam to some music, which is always fun. I usually reward myself with a glass of wine and some couch time after cleaning, which is exactly what I did for the rest of the day yesterday. So, it might not have been a typical Valentine’s Day, but it was still a great day! Today we’ll order in something yummy and watch a live-stream concert together ❤️

I know Valentine’s Day gets a lot of flak, but I think it’s all about perspective. I love celebrating the little things and if there’s an annual themed day that makes celebrating love (of any kind!) that much more fun, then I’m all in. Cue the Ella Fitzgerald playlist and pour the red wine!

Boy do I wish I had more opportunties to wear coats here in Miami, but the truth is I get the most use out of them while traveling. Because of that, I think owning a few good coats, even while living in warmer climates, is still smart to do. I have about 5 myself and they are my MVP’s when traveling to colder temperatures. The day I shot this outfit was a day I was able to wear my coat here in Miami, since it was low fifties. So, I just wore a lightweight tee underneath and it was perfect.


This is actually very reminiscent of what my cold-weather travel outfits look like on days I’m not being active or hiking and more just sight-seeing. As for my black block heel boots, they are awesome (and on sale!) Comfortable, sleek and a perfect boot to dress up or down. Just from a few weeks ago when I purchased them, they’re already selling out at a lot of retailers. So if you like them, act quickly!

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