My Current Favorite Classic Pieces In Rotation

Current Favorite Classic Pieces In Rotation

Happy Friday! I’ve never felt the time change as much as I have this time around. My days are flying by where it’s hitting 3pm every day and I realize I have lots on my daily checklist I still have to do. I’m hoping I’ll get used to it soon, but also have zero complaints, because I think we can all agree that DST is the best.


I’ve found myself wearing a handful of the same items a lot lately and many of them are capsule wardrobe pieces I’ve had for a few years. Disclaimer: I wouldn’t call my wardrobe a capsule wardrobe. However, since these particular pieces have given me lots of wear and have been versatile in my closet I consider them perfect for a capsule wardrobe and I wanted to share them with you today!

Current Favorite Classic Pieces In Rotation (Capsule Wardrobe Pieces)

Neutral Button Cardigan

I have cardigans in just about every color-they’re cute, cozy and can pull together an outfit in a classic way.

Neutral Loafers

I’ve been wearing loafers for years-I just love the look of them with jeans. Even tossing on a t-shirt looks polished when you finish off the outfit with a pair of classic loafers.

Light Wash Straight Leg Jeans

You know I love my jeans and this particular style of jeans is one I wear the most. I think the light wash always looks fresh.

Ribbed High Neck Tee

I’ve talked about how much I love ribbed details on clothing-I think it helps pieces hug bodies well and just adds an additional detail that elevates even a basic piece. I also love mock necks or high neck tees as it gives them a dressier feel IMO. So the combination is one of my favorites.

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