Oliver and Otis’ Room

dog nursery room ideas

Yes, my pups Oliver and Otis have their own room. Having a room for my boys was something I always wanted. A room where they can not only hang and take naps in, but also somewhere cozy and with a lot of space they can be whenever I have to leave the house or have a lot of guests over.

Dog Nursery Room Dog Nursery Room

What I’m calling the dog nursery room (😜) obviously didn’t need much since all the boys do in there is sleep and lounge, but I couldn’t resist adding some cute little touches for my boys.

Dog Nursery Room

Like a place to hang their coats (yes they have coats), bandanas, leashes etc. My favorite detail in the room is definitely their wooden names hanging on the wall with paw decals surrounding them.

Dog Nursery Room

The boys actually get excited to come in the room and sometimes when I can’t find them in the house, I know where to look first 🥰

Dog Nursery Room

And how cute is the fire hydrant decal?! It’s available in all colors. I went with copper since the lighting fixture in the room is also copper.

fire hydrant decor dog room (2)

A floor pouf for another place to snuggle on in addition to their fluffy pillow mats in their crates.

Dog Nursery RoomDog Nursery Room

That’s our family portrait illustration I’ve had for several years and a couple of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken of them to the left. All of these I had proudly hanging in my apartment before, so I’m happy they now have a perfect place in this room.

You’ll also notice the camera we have set up on the side table. I’m SO happy with it. I love being able to check in on the boys and I can also talk to them through it too.

Dog Nursery Room

I’ve had the butterfly chair for many years and it’s always been Oti’s favorite place to sleep on. Which meant I knew it would have to go in their room for the little guy to take his naps on.

Dog Nursery Room

Look at this handsome face- I can hardly stand it! I also chose a rug that was cozy, but still thin enough to clean easily.


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