Floral Bodysuits for Spring & Summer

superdown floral bodysuit revolve outfit

It’s no secret I’m a fan of bodysuits. I’ve dedicated a couple of blog posts to them here and here. Now I’ve brought my floral bodysuits for spring & summer to the front of my closet because those are my favorite styles for this time fo the year. 9 out of 10 times I’m wearing bodysuits with denim cutoffs; It’s a favorite warm-weather look of mine!


The floral surplice bodysuit I’m wearing above is so pretty and the second one of it’s style I have, because I get so much wear from my other one. I do have this one pinned for a little more secure coverage as it’s very low cut and my torso is on the shorter side. The detail I love most about this bodysuit besides it’s print are the cuffed sleeves that have little buttons as well. I’m wearing it pretty casually, but because of the details and the fabric this bodysuit is an easy one to dress up with a skirt or a sleek pair of jeans.

If you’re in between sizes or have a longer torso I’d recommend sizing up-I’m wearing an XS.

Floral Bodysuits for Spring & Summer

On another note, I visited one of my favorite cafés today and sat outside to enjoy breakfast and coffee there. It’s one of the few times I’ve eaten out somewhere in the past year-each time outdoors. It felt SO SO SO good. I talk about it all time I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me say it 😜 but being outside, especially while sipping coffee or wine, is my favorite place to be. Whether there’s a view or I’m at a tiny café table, it brings me so much joy. So being able to do that this morning with my husband was such a treat and I’m hopeful and excited that we’ll be able to begin doing that again. (I’m still taking things easy though-I’m not all of a sudden out and about feeling all willy nilly just yet!)

Wishing you a beautiful ending to your week and I hope you’ve also been able to start enjoying the little things you haven’t been able to the past year. Light at the end of the tunnel….is that you?

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