How I Celebrate the Little Moments and One New Addition

Celebrate the little moments

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. I enjoyed cocktails al fresco on Friday evening with my husband, we spent Saturday out by the pool with family and then I had a lazy Sunday taking naps and ordering in some of my favorite food. It was a good weekend!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about finding ways to celebrate the little moments and make them into lasting memories.

I really love to enjoy the small moments and also like to try and slow down moments too. It’s like I try to bottle them up, even as they’re happening, soaking up every detail. That’s one of the reasons why I’m always (and I mean always) playing music. I love being able to associate a song with a moment in time, a memory. So that whenever I hear the song I am immediately transported back in time.

Life comes at your fast and it’s so easy to not stop and recognize the present and how even the simplest of moments have magic in them. To me that means even when I’m sitting on the couch with my husband and pups, we sometimes pause the tv and just look at each other and the pups and our home and say to one another how grateful we are and what a beautiful life we have. It’s those little moments of gratitude that slow the world down and add to life’s beauty.

One of my favorite ways to be intentional with the present moment is once the early evening hits on a Fri/Sat/Sun, I whip up a cocktail for my husband and I. I use fresh ingredients and either make something classic we love or experiment. Even if you don’t drink, making a mocktail or some home-brewed sweet tea to sip slowly and enjoy together is one of the funnest ways to welcome the last part of a day and welcome the weekend. Even when I’m alone, I love to pour myself something yummy to drink and until I take my last sip, I give myself that time to be still and soak up my surroundings-as I’m usually outdoors when doing so. We try to catch the sunset most days and we love how it feels like we’re winding down with the sun.

As I mentioned before, music means so much to me. I’m always playing a genre or playlist that mirrors my mood, boosting whatever vibes I’m feeling-I love it. I also use music to slow a moment down. If I’m with my husband, that means some grooving and dancing is inevitable, which of course makes for beautiful memories. And if I’m alone, there is most likely also some dancing and singing happening-which makes for doing anything alone, whether that’s cooking or cleaning, way more fun.

Even on the busiest days, I make sure my morning ritual happens. Which includes making my coffee while the pups eat their breakfast and then sipping it outside while the pups enjoy themselves. I give myself at least 15 minutes every morning to embrace this ritual that starts my day peacefully and with gratitude.

Coffee and/or bakery runs. Especially on days when we’re both at home, in a rut with work or household tasks, we love to stop everything we’re doing and hop in the car and get a treat. This was even more special during last year, when we really weren’t going anywhere, our little treat drives were some of the best memories of the year. Every time we arrive back home we feel more energized and have a little pep in our step.

There is one additional way I want to add to how I create memorable moments, weekend morning baking. Of course I bake from time to time and really love it, but I’m talking about baking up some real homemade and comforting treats that transport us to our favorite little bakeries. Goodies like croissants, tarts and palmiers-stuff that could maybe be a bit of a challenge and that we learn to perfect together. And as always, it doesn’t have to be a partner you enjoy this with. Your kids, mom, nieces and nephews etc. A kitchen full of music and freshly baked good in the air makes me happy just thinking about it!

This is one of the recipes that inspired me to plan a weekend morning of baking.

I would love to hear ways you celebrate the little moments and what you do to make the ordinary more memorable. Comment below or shoot me a DM on Instagram!

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