My Favorite Acid Skincare Products

My Favorite Acid Skincare Products

Skincare acids. I love them. I started incorporating them into my skincare routine 4 years ago and they’ve been a game changer for my skin. While my skin has always had a good bounce and plumpness to it, it does have some areas of extra texture that I like to treat by using products that promote renewal, like acids. Then as I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely noticed my pores have enlarged, which is wild, because I never remember seeing my pores before…ah aging. I usually welcome signs of aging because it means I’m alive and experiencing life! But I could definitely do without the growing pores.

Anyway, using acids has helped my skin so much with it’s texture and vibrancy. I think retinol and acids are the two skincare products to be the most careful with when using a new product and with it’s application. So, with that being said, if you’re new to acids, apply carefully and gradually at first until you grow your tolerance. Also, I don’t use these products together, EVER. They are all active and should be used very carefully with other actives too, like Retinol and Vitamin C.

Today I wanted to share with you my favorite acid skincare products and do a little comparison of how what I love about each one and what differentiates it from the others. REMINDER: I’m not a professional or a doctor, I’m only sharing my personal experience with these products.

My Favorite Acid Skincare Products

I think this The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution was the first acid face mask I ever used. Which is kind of funny, because it’s the most intense-looking mask since it looks like blood on your face. However, the price was right at a mere $7.20 and I had heard good things about the brand. Years later, it remains in my routine. Prior to beginning to use other acid face masks and toners, I would use it once a week. Now having incorporated more acid skincare products into my routine, I use it 1-2 a month. My favorite thing about this mask is that it makes my skin SO soft. As soon as I rinse it off, I feel the difference. I also think this mask does a great job improving the appearance of my pores and any hyperpigmentation. You also just can’t beat that price. However, a reminder that this mask as 3 different acids that equate to 30% which is what make it ridiculously effective, but also a product you want to be careful with and use as directed.

TIP: I love using this on my neck and on my chest too.

Now, this HONEYMOON GLOW AHA Resurfacing Night Serum is a facial in a bottle. The glow is no-joke, after using this serum at night (when you’re supposed to) I wake up with my skin looking so healthy and plump. My skin does also feel softer and I have seen the texture of my skin improve slowly while using this 2 times a week. I will say, none of my favorite acid skincare products have given me the immediate glow this product provides, however, it’s not the best out of the bunch at helping diminish the look of hyperpigmentation. It definitely still has some effect on it, but I would use this product for the glow alone-it’s that impressive. I think the glow comes from not only the exfoliating taking place, but the hydration it offers as well, since it contains a honey-blend.

TIP: I like to use this 1-2 days before an event or a special day, since it gives my skin an extra glow and my makeup applies even more smoothly when I’ve recently used this.

I started using this Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant a year or so ago and can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this brand before, because so many of the products have amazing reviews. What’s interesting about this product for me personally, is that for having only 2% acid, it’s definitely the most stingy out of all of my favorite acid skincare products. It has that classic tightening feeling a toner can give you, which I really don’t mind if the product is going to work on my skin, and that’s exactly the case with this exfoliant. I think because it’s purpose is to exfoliate, this product does a great job with my skin’s texture. With this praise being said, if you’re dipping your toe into the acid skincare water, I wouldn’t recommend this product because of the sensation if gives. While the other products on this list certainly have a burn to them, which differentiates depending on your skin’s tolerance to acids, this exfoliant also has that stingy sensation I mentioned which can be a lot for newbies. However, those experienced with acids should be totally good with this one.

TIP: Out of all of the products on this list, I purged ever so slightly with this one. It’s 100% worth it for the results IMO, but be sure to use it when you have a few to several days of down time if you can. Again, my purging was very minimal.

This Tata Harper Resurfacing BHA Glow Mask is one of the newer acid skincare products I’ve added to my routine. I think it’s great and I can immediately feel my skin tighter and smoother after washing it off. I feel that this mask is great for pores and softening skin. It’s a very luxe feeling product from the scent to the packaging. However, I do wish it came in a bottle with a pump. I don’t like having to put my finger or mini spatula to scoop out the product. Product consistency is gel-like, which I think is great for applying evenly to skin.

TIP: I think this mask may be a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t have too much textured skin and is looking for something mainly to target their pores.

The newest and a product I will now NEVER be without is Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Extra Strength Daily Peel. Yes, it’s pricey. However, this product is pretty amazing. It definitely brightens skin tone within days of use and after sticking to it for a month, I can see a very noticeable difference in any texture I have. The brand has a regular and extra strength. I use the extra strength and from everything I’ve read and all of the reviews, that seems to be the way to go. It’s a daily “peel” (you don’t actually peel) but if you need to ease into at first or if there are other actives you also want to use, skipping days is totally fine too. I’ve done that here and there with it and the results are still awesome.

TIP: You can buy the 5-day trial pack, as opposed to the 30-day pack, to try it out first. However, I think the real results come after week 3.

I’ve been using this Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution for 4 years. I used to apply it every single day as my toner of choice now having found more of my favorite acid skincare products I use it less often-but I still highly recommend it. It brightens skins, “tightens” pores and can help keep breakouts at bay since it’s getting rid of a lot dead skin. It definitely tingles (not as much as the Paula’s Choice Toner I mentioned above) and leaves skin feeling a bit tight, but that’s nothing a well-rounded skincare routine can’t amend. Just be sure to follow with a soothing oil, hydrating serum and/or moisturizer.

TIP: I often chose to use this toner only on my problematic areas and areas I have any hyperpigmentation.

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