The Perfect $25 Vacation Dress

The Perfect $20 Vacation Dress

Hi! I hope you’re having a great week so far. My husband and I are having one of those weeks where we’re on a roll getting stuff done around the house and running errands, and although it’s only Wednesday and we’re already exhausted, it feels so good to check stuff off the checklist.

It feels like just about once a month I’m ready for a trip to the plant nurseries and yesterday we visited a few of our favorites. It was hot and muggy and I still have such a good time strolling the nurseries, looking at all of the beautiful plants, trees and flowers. I came home with three new little plants and one big, beautiful tree….FOR INSIDE OF OUR HOUSE. I can’t wait to show you the beauty that I have since named Bartholomew. I name all of my plants and I thought this big ole tree needed a big ole name.


Today’s look features the perfect $25 vacation dress. I think it makes an awesome summer vacation piece, because it’s so breezy (but not see-through), gives a comfy cute look when worn with no belt (like a shorter kaftan vibe, which I love and would work as a bathing suit coverup too) and is also perfect to pair with a belt or belt bag. This exact look I’m wearing will be packed for my next trip. It’s comfortable, sun-friendly and put-together.

It’s also available in 6 different colors/patterns! I’m thinking of also getting it a neutral color like the black or beige.

Some accessory call outs: Both my straw hat and sunglasses are from the same retailer and are finally back in stock. They’re both under $20. The hat I’ve had for a few summers and it gets tons of use-it’s adjustable and has held up nicely. I bought my sunglasses a few months ago, because I loved the 70’s look. Mine are amber and the color in stock is a smokey grey. I wear this straw belt bag all of the time during the spring and summer. I bought it in the beginning of last spring and think it’s just so cute.

Lastly, my sparkly sandals that are strangely rare? I haven’t been able to find them anywhere besides the one store I bought them from. I wear these a lot too, because they elevate any casual look. They’re also pretty comfortable-their straps don’t bother or dig into skin.

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