Shopping a New Favorite Brand with Walmart+

Walmart+ Membership Benefits Free Assembly

You like my pants? Gee thanks, they arrived with Free Shipping with my Walmart+ membership! 🙌🏻

I’ve talked before about how much I love using my Walmart+ membership for everything from groceries to gadgets. In fact, I order groceries 1-2 times a week and they’re delivered from my store for free on any $35 minimum order (restrictions apply). It’s without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve incorporated into my lifestyle-saving me time and money.

One of the things I love being able to order from my Walmart store to be delivered is dog food. Since I don’t need to worry about lugging it around the store or into my car, I either order the huge bag or get multiple bags delivered, which adds even more convenience.

It’s also pretty cute to watch my pups get all excited and sniff their food bag when it arrives 🥰

Walmart+ Membership Benefits Free Assembly

The benefits don’t stop at that when you have a Walmart+ membership. Along with groceries and household essentials, I also shop clothing from Walmart too and get the same free shipping benefits. AMAZING.

I’ve been shopping Walmart’s new clothing line, Free Assembly, with Free Shipping, no order minimum required (*excludes freight & Marketplace items). I’ve added some great wardrobe basics to my closet like my Retro Flare Jeans that I’m wearing. Which now I want in all of the other denim washes-they’re so cute and fit really well. I loved being able to order these pants during the week and have them shipped for free and in time to wear for my weekend plans. Had me feeling fresh 💁🏻‍♀️

I liked this outfit I’m wearing so much, I wanted to get another ribbed tank top like the one I’m wearing. Well, sure enough Free Assembly has a ribbed tank top available in four colors. So, I just added that to my cart along with this shirtdress (in the stripes option).

The other item I just bought with the Free Shipping benefit and that I’ll be pairing with my new Free Assembly pieces are these raffia block heeled sandals. Perfect for the summer!


Shopping a new favorite brand with Walmart+ just adds to my satisfaction with my membership and all of it’s benefits.

You can sign up for a Walmart+ membership here.

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