A Travel Outfit & Teva Sandals Review

Travel Outfit Teva Sandals review

I’m having a very Mondayish Tuesday, because after a busy weekend of prepping a little Mother’s Day gathering at my house, I was pooped. So, I treated yesterday like a weekend day and now I’m back at today.

It felt so wonderful to be able to actually have a small gathering this year for Mother’s Day. Yet alone at my home, which is always so special to me to be able to host and celebrate people I love. I’m hoping this year will continue to look much different than last year and special days and moments will continue to be shared together.


I also spent the end of last week planning my birthday trip with my husband and I’m SO EXCITED. We were originally going to stay at a tropical resort, but we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to wanting to be adventurous and active on trips. So we opted for an airbnb that is AMAZING on an island where we’ll have more options to explore. I’m just so grateful to be able to celebrate my birthday this way.

Today’s look is one that I love for both weekends and for traveling. A pair of overalls that are lightweight and with a good stretch make them really comfortable, which means great to wear for when on a trip. These $40 overalls check off both of those details and I really love the color-it’s a different kind of neutral. I’m wearing a 4 petite. I’m usually a 2 regular at this store, but whenever I choose petite sizing there I size up and it’s a perfect fit. You can see more of my thoughts on the store’s sizing here.

Another reason this outfit is perfect for travel is because of Teva sandals. I’m a big fan of Teva. I have 3 pairs and can’t recommend them enough for their comfort and versatility. They also have a cute-sporty look.

This is the style I’m wearing.

These are the midform option, which is a slight platform-1 inch to be exact. These are probably my favorite, because the mini platform adds to the look and comfort of the sandal. I have the two colors above. Even with the small platform, they’re totally comfortable for hiking too.

I have one pair of these.

This is the Teva Original Universal sandal, which has no platform height. Still so comfy. I like these a tad more for when I’m going to be getting in any kind of water (kayaking, tubing etc.)

I ordered these flatform sandals to try out and returned them.

Not because I didn’t like them, I just like my other pairs more. The 1 1/2 inch flatform is legit and I found these would work more for casual wear and not really for walking all day, getting in water or hiking. So they’re not as versatile to me and that’s what I love most about my other Teva sandals.

I’m also going to mention my trusty little black crossbody bag again, because it’s just been so good to me. A perfect little size that fits my small wallet, phone, sunglasses, hand sanitizer and lipstick. All I ever carry with me. The leather is stiff, which I love because it makes the bag sturdy and no doubt is what has added to my bag looking brand new years later. It’s also 50% off. For $125, this bag is absolutely amazing and it’s a classic style, which makes it really versatile.

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