A Linen Shirt and Shorts Set + Linen Blend Pieces I Love

Linen Shirt and Shorts Set. Linen outfit.

You know I’m all about versatility, which sometimes means shopping for pieces based on fabric. Since many fabrics are synonymous with particular seasons, it makes it easy and convenient at the beginning of each season to bring those pieces to the front of my closet. Linen is one of those fabrics. It’s a classic spring and summer fabric and most pieces will last year after year, adding to their versatility.


P.S. I don’t subscribe to most “fashion rules”, for instance not wearing white after labor day, but saving linen just for spring and summer feels right to me. Some even think it should be kept strictly for summer since that’s technically the hottest time of the year. However, living in Miami, it jumps from 60 degrees to 90 degrees real quick. So I bring out my linen and linen blend pieces beginning of April!

This linen shirt and shorts set is a great example to me of two pieces that work together and work with tons of different style separates. One of my favorite things to do at the end of winter/beginning of spring and end of summer/beginning of Fall is to ease in and out of spring and summer fashion by mixing in a linen piece with another piece that feels connected to the current/next season. It’s makes transitional style easy!

I really love the relaxed fit of both my shirt and shorts. I think it’s pretty obvious looking at my outfits that I love being comfortable and 90% of the time the clothes I wear are flowy, oversized and relaxed in their fit. One of the reasons I gravitate towards this style of clothing is so that I can truly wear the pieces anywhere and anytime-even at home.

So my linen blend top is oversized. I’d still size down (I purchased an XSmall) and recommend cuffing the sleeves like I did. As for my shorts they’re not oversized, but do have a relaxed fit. I’m both a Small and Xsmall in shorts/skirts in this brand and got the shorts in a Small and I’m glad I did. If you’ve got curvier hips and a butt, I’d recommend doing the same. The shorts looks cute cuffed too, so if they’re longer than you’d like, that’s an option.

As always you can see more of sizing details here.

My snakeskin block heel sandals are a purchase from a couple of years ago and I just love the little umph they give an outfit, while remaining comfortable and practical thanks to their low 2″ inch heel.

Below I’m sharing a bunch of linen blend pieces I love. I do have 100% linen pieces, but I tend to gravitate towards linen blends, as they are little more durable and the wrinkles are more manageable, although some are still inevitable. Once you sit down in linen or linen-blend, it’s over! But I like to think the wrinkles add to the laidback and breezy look of it all.

Linen Blend Pieces I Love

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