How I use the Setlist Beauty App

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Setlist Beauty App

A little random fact about me, I’m very picky with the apps I download and keep on my phone. Since having an app on our phones means we’re most likely going to spend a lot of time on it, I like to make sure any app I download brings me joy and provides some kind of resource. Enter Setlist Beauty App.

A female founded app that was created by two women with a combined 30+ years of beauty industry experience. The Setlist Beauty App is a self-proclaimed “beauty bestie” and having used the app for a bit now, I can see why.

Setlist Beauty App

Above you’ll find four places on the app that serve anyone who loves skincare and makes their skin health a priority.

On the Setlist Beauty App there is a place:

  • to input your AM and PM skincare routine along with details on each product
  • to set skincare goals
  • to learn from licensed estheticians
  • to find new products perfect for your skin needs

Setlist Beauty App

Here I am on my routine page, where I have entered all of the products I use regularly. I love how organized this makes me feel. Every day, both in the morning and evening, I check off each product I use so that the app saves my progress and because I can set a skin goal with a photo of where my skin is currently at, I’m able to see what (if any) changes my skin has made. Which is so important to keep track of so that I know how well a product or routine is working.

Another feature that I LOVE is that the Setlist Beauty App keeps track of how long I’ve had a product so that I’m aware of the product freshness. This is something I’ve sometimes struggled with: remembering how long I’ve had a product. I often have to log into my account with whatever store I purchased the product from to find my order and then see when I purchased it.

Knowing when I purchased a skincare product is primarily important so that I can know if expiration is approaching. The other reason why this is good to keep track of is so that I know how long a product lasts. This information has influence on my repurchase decision.

Setlist Beauty App

The other way I utilized this app was to recently take a quiz on the “shop” page to find out what products would be recommended to me. I was recommended some products I have never used before AND I was recommended I product I used to use and love, but completely forgot about. So I repurchased it and now it’s back in my skincare routine thanks to taking the quiz.

The Setlist Beauty App is simple to use and so far has been a great little tool to accompany my skincare routine.

You can download the app here!

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