20 Things I Learned in My 20’s

20 Things I Learned in My 20's

One week ago I turned 30 years old. I’ve never cared or thought much about my age and I’m just happy to be alive and growing older, but of course entering a new decade feels a little different. I probably wouldn’t even have reflected much on the last ten years if it weren’t for deciding to write this post. I’m happy to do so though, as it’s a way of getting more personal, which is a bit out of my comfort zone as someone who is pretty private, especially for a blogger.


I feel like I’m always evolving, but I think it was years 25-30 that I did the most of my growing. Lots of new experiences, decisions and challenges that really shaped me.

Today I thought it would be fun to share some things I learned in my 20’s. I’ve heard from so many people, especially women, that their 20’s were not their favorite and pretty tough on them. I don’t know if I’ll look back on my 20’s and feel the same way one day when I have more life experience, but I do know aging feels pretty amazing. I can just imagine that each decade brings highs and lows that teach you and that with each year passing you accept yourself and others for exactly who they are. One of my favorite outlooks I’ve adapted in my 20’s is taking everyone, everything and every experience at face value and for exactly what they are and not placing any expectations or projections on them. A weight was lifted when I began to do this.

20 Things I Learned in My 20’s


  1. Health is the greatest gift.
  2. Invest your money.
  3. Distance means nothing when it comes to good friendships.
  4. We are just as responsible for our reactions as we are for our actions.
  5. Boring days are safe days, safe days are good days.
  6. Drink water everyday, all day long.
  7. How to properly care for plants.
  8. The difference between stress and anxiety.
  9. Cardio is life changing.
  10. People pleasing tends to please everyone except yourself.
  11. Hustle culture is overrated.
  12. Naps are underrated.
  13. Time is a construct.
  14. The loudest voice in the room is usually the least important.
  15. People are complex enough to have attributes and opinions you hate, yet still deserve your love.
  16. Timelines are for professional and monetary goals, not for personal goals.
  17. Learn people’s love languages, not just romantic partners, but friends and family too.
  18. Travel with people you love as often as possible.
  19. Home is a feeling not a place.
  20. There is no greater feeling than knowing you made someone feel welcomed, accepted or loved.

I’m hopeful for nothing in particular in my next decade of life, as I’ve always had the mentality to expect less and just enjoy the journey. I just hope to continue being present, making memories and celebrating moments big and small.

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