Summer Dresses Under $50

Summer Dresses Under $50

Hi! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had a lovely one. I went on a dinner date with my husband on Saturday, our first one in a long time. We’re not huge dinner date people, but it does always feel nice to get dressed up together. Then on Sunday we did a lot of relaxing together with the pups. We’re both going on separate travel trips these upcoming weeks, so we’re trying to get in some extra quality time with each other before.


I’ve been planning a closet clean out for months now and have promised so many of you that I’d start back up my poshmark. I’ve officially put it in my calendar that when I return from my trip I’m taking next week, I’ll get right to it. I tend to stick to things much more if they’re on my calendar, so crossing my fingers I’ll finally make it happen.

I want to do a closet clean out for a lot of reasons, but particularly for my dresses situation. Over the past few years, I’ve really honed in on what style of dresses I get the most wear out of and that I feel most “me” in. So, I want to remove the dresses I keep around just to keep around, that way I can make room for dresses I actually wear all of the time and those that I want to buy. I literally don’t have space for even one more dress-my dress closet is overflowing and I’ve started hanging hangers on other hangers, since there isn’t room on the racks anymore. It’s bad!

This made me want to share a good ole summer dress post: Summer Dresses Under $50. The $30-$60 is where most of my everyday kind of dresses fall in. Unless of course a dress is just not made well, most times dresses you find in the lower price range just need extra TLC and attention when it comes to washing and drying them. There are $40 dresses I’ve had for years and still look brand new, because I’m careful of how I handle their washing and drying-which usually means wash gentle on cold and then hang dry and never iron, but steam.

Here are some summer dresses under $50 that I think are super cute!

Summer Dresses Under $50Summer Dresses Under $50

Summer Dresses Under $50

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