Dressing in What You Love and Not for Your Body Type!

Target Tie Dye High Waist Jeans

When I asked a few days ago on Instagram to send in questions for a Q/A post, I got one that I wanted to answer before I get to that Q/A post. Honestly, I feel like so many of the questions submitted I could write an entire blog post on each-so thanks for the great questions!


Q: Do you buy clothes to match your body type or taste/style or both?

A: I’m 5’2″, muscular and curvy. There are so many pieces of clothing that just don’t fit me. Whether it’s because of my height, my butt or my thighs. Which are all things I love about my body even if they can make clothing shopping tricky sometimes. However, this far in the game I struggle way less with shopping now that I’ve found which stores and brands tend to fit me well.

So I don’t shop for my body type as much as there are just things that won’t fit me properly and that I simply won’t/can’t wear. Other than that I always shop for my particular taste. I never shy away from a trend or style because of my body type, the only way I won’t wear something is if I flat out don’t like it and/or don’t feel good in it. Life is too short to welcome the notion that certain body types can’t wear certain things. If you feel good in something, wear it.

That’s not to say I haven’t found specific styles that flatter my body most and I love to wear because of how my body looks in it, but I also wear things all of the time that are fun and make me happy without having anything to do with my body. Oh and are comfortable! You know how much I love to dress comfortably.

Dressing in what you love and not for your body type!

Just know how happy I am that you’re here on my blog and/or have joined me on my Instagram. I hope you can always see yourself in me, because I do think we are all so much more alike than we are different. I don’t look like the majority of style bloggers and “influencers” and the messages I get on a regular basis from followers and readers who have expressed this to me with joy that they’ve found me on social and this blog means SO much to me.

You are beautiful and I love you all!

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