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vintage havana matching shorts set

Is there a time of the year where you experience a bit of a burn out? For me it’s usually July/August. It tends to feel like summer is near it’s end, even though scorching weather will continue for months here in Miami 🥵 Specifically after the 4th of July, it feels like an in between time. I’ve always associated August with the beginning of the end of the year, I don’t know why-maybe it goes back to my school days? Or maybe because once August rolls in the months tend to fly by? So because of this the rest of July, after July 4th, is like a limbo.


I usually also feel a little burnt out during July and August too. I’m so grateful to have gone on my girls trip last month, I know it helped alleviate some of the burn out feels, but I’m still feeling it a bit. I have my birthday trip coming up in a couple of weeks, so I’m using that to keep chugging along. Travel is the best at giving you something to look forward to that takes you out of any monotony and any rut you might be having. So grateful to be able to travel again!

While this is a recurring feeling for me that happens each year around this time like clockwork, there is usually something specific to what’s happening in my life that adds to the burn out feeling. Lately/currently, I’ve been uncharacteristically stressed out (while I have generalized anxiety, I actually manage my stress pretty well-I didn’t always, but I’ve come a long way!) Plus my husband has been working a ton lately, which means we’ve seen way less of each other than we’d like. Lastly, on a less personal note, the sadness of the building collapse tragedy here in Miami was palpable. So all of those things have accumulated and have just felt like a lot lately.

Which reminds me of another way I’ve been feeling (lots of feelz lately over here apparently). I think because we’re in the second half of this year, it’s felt like there’s finally enough of a distance from the train wreck of last year that I’ve started to think of all that insanity in retrospect as oppose to still living in it or like I can’t get too comfortable or move on yet. I now feel like I can look back at it all, albeit it’s not something I enjoy doing. Any time I do, all of that anxiety comes rushing back. Nevertheless, it still feels good to have more and more distance between the present and 2020.

Besides keeping my eye on my birthday trip and channeling that excitement, the other way I’ve been dealing with being stressed and burnt out lately is sweating it out. Not just while working out, but also outside. I know I complain about the heat here, but when I actually want to sweat it comes in handy. Other than working out, I usually get my sweat in by doing yard work/watering all of my plants. We recently laid some new grass in our front yard, along with some new plants, and it takes me 25-30 minutes to water everything. In that time I keep my phone inside, I make sure I have freshly applied sunscreen and I just let myself breathe in fresh air and embrace sweating.

Having plants to water, especially outside, gives you a ritual you can embrace daily or however often you have to water them, where you disconnect and just breathe.

Moving on from feelings! Above is the matching shorts set I’m wearing. Unfortunately the color I’m wearing isn’t available anymore, but I love the lighter combination too. And it’s on sale! The entire site is 20% off right now. Summer isn’t over yet and looking back I think matching shorts sets, actually any matching sets, have been one of my most worn outfits this season. I feel like they pack a statement, even if they aren’t printed with a pattern, and they work so well as separates too. So it’s a win, win!

The exact sandals I’m wearing aren’t available anymore, I’ve had them for like 4 years. However, they are such a good staple in my closet, because they go with everything. The ones I’m sharing below are similar styles!

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