My Backyard Umbrella Lounge Setup

Backyard Umbrella Lounge

The outdoors have always been a place of peace and escape for me. Even when I lived in my apartment and only had a small balcony, I made that balcony my happy place and would sit out there to read, drink coffee and cocktails and just soak up fresh air daily. Now that I have a backyard, I finally have my own slice of the outdoors and it’s my favorite place to be. We don’t have a terrace roof in our backyard yet (we’re getting that installed this month!) so once the weather starting getting hotter and sunnier, I knew I’d love to have a shaded area to still be outside without being in the direct sunlight. I’ve actually always wanted a little backyard umbrella lounge setup, somewhere I could lounge in the sun if I wanted to or lay under the shade and read and watch my pups play. Even once I get the terrace roof installed, I’m still going to keep the setup-it’s just too cute and fun!


I’m really into creating little spaces of happiness that have intention. So even a little corner of a room or a yard can serve lots of purpose and bring lots of moments of joy.  That’s what my backyard umbrella lounge setup is. I not only enjoy using the area to relax, but I also love looking at it. It makes me happy either way and that’s what creating a home is all about 😊

Backyard Umbrella Lounge

I knew I wanted a white and black umbrella. Everything in my backyard is neutral-the color scheme is black and white with pops of green.

Backyard Umbrella Lounge

She’s a beauty 😍

I find lumbar pillows generally look best on chaise lounge chairs, so I opted for velvet black pillows with pom poms. I like how fun they are and the unexpected fabric choice for outdoors.

A blanket adds another layer to the chairs and looks great with the pillows. I wanted to keep the textures going with the fringe detail, but keep it neutral to not take away from the statement umbrella.

Backyard Umbrella Lounge

This area definitely makes me want to dress the part and I felt like this tropical palm print romper was perfect to wear to snap some photos in my little cabana sitch 🙃








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