1 Year Home Anniversary

Family Photo in nEW hOME

This was the first family photo we took in our new house the day we moved in! (look at Otis’ face-you think he’s happy? 😂)

On one hand I can’t believe we’ve lived in our new house for 1 year already. On the other hand, this house has felt like a home to us from day one, so it seems like we’ve been here for much longer than a year. Time is funny like that.

We purchased our house in the middle of the pandemic last year. We made an offer, sight un-seen, because there was no showings due to covid. I never in a million years would’ve thought I’d put an offer on a house without walking through it first, but we just knew it would be a perfect 1st home for us.

Within a week of moving in, we became familiar with our neighbors and recognized how friendly everyone was-which was very exciting. Our neighborhood is huge and isn’t close to any main streets, something we loved about it from the start. It’s really peaceful. It’s filled with families, so many dogs (!!) and there is even an ice cream truck that drives through daily. I remember the first time I heard the ice cream truck I ran outside because I just couldn’t believe we lived in a neighborhood where an actual ice cream drives through playing it’s music and little kids run to it. So cute!

Even though Halloween last year was during the pandemic, we still got SO many trick-or-treators and that was so fun! My mom and I love halloween and the previous few years neither of us had gotten many trick-or-treators, so it was adorable to see all of the kids in the neighborhood come by.

For our first house, we didn’t want a fixer-upper and wanted a home that was move-in-ready. We were so lucky to find a house that was just that; the previous owner had just made a bunch of updates. The only thing that needed some major TLC was the backyard. So that was our big project we started almost immediately and it was done before the holidays. We’ll probably change a few things here and there in the house to our personal taste throughout this next year, but we really lucked out that all of the previous design choices in our home were all neutral, making it very easy to bring in our own style.

A couple of months ago I was talking with my mom and I brought up how my husband and I are approaching our 5 year wedding anniversary. She then mentioned how much my we had accomplished and experienced in those 5 years. (thanks mom ❤️) While I’m an overly sentimental person and enjoy reflecting on everything, this was something in particular I hadn’t really thought about-or thought that way about. I think maybe I hadn’t, because neither my hubs nor I have ever felt we have a timeline and just live life at our own pace. Yet in the past 5 years we really had fulfilled some things we had hoped to.

We got married. We lived in our first home together, in what we thought was the cutest apartment in the cutest part of town. We traveled. We hosted friends and family in our apartment. We experienced some very stressful times. We experienced great triumphs. He started the career of his dreams and I watched my business grow and grow. Then, we found our little slice of peace…a house for us and our boys. And finally a yard for them!

We have been truly blessed and don’t take a day or a thing for granted.

I really believe that you should never feel rushed in life, because of other people’s lives and opinions or society influencing your own path. The only place for timelines are in the work force. Other aspects of life have their own way of falling into place naturally and in a way that is perfect for your own path.

It’s also really important to me to say that I never felt like buying a house was the only way to feel accomplished or like I finally had a home. My apartment felt just as much of a home as this house does. Everyday I would wake up, drink my coffee while soaking in the beautiful natural light that would fill up the apartment and each night that I cuddled on the couch with my husband and pups, I had the same feeling of gratitude and happiness and that I was home. It’s true, home is people (and animals), not a place.

Embrace each season of your life, even the difficult ones. Look for the blessings. They might not always look like a new house, a new job, a new car or booking a flight…but they are always there.

Sending love to you all! Thank you for sharing in my journey with me ❤️

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