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Clad and cloth top and target denim shorts

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I have the busiest week this week, from doctors’ appointments to work meetings and everything in between. And of course it all ends up being the week before I leave on vacation. This somehow always happens to me. Maybe I subconsciously do it so that I get all my ducks in a row and get a lot of sh*t done before I take any time off. Regardless, it sends me into a frenzy, which then makes me need the vacation even more 🙃 This vacation we’ll be going on is with our families and it’s always a really relaxing and special time.


So, I started a cleanse today. First time in my life I’ve ever done one. I’ve just never really been into any kind of dieting woowoo stuff, but for the past several months I’ve felt like my gut health has been a little off and thought a nice “reset” would be good for me. We’ll see how it goes! I’ll be doing it from today through Friday 🤞🏻

These thin mint almonds are SO good.

I just binge watched the 3 seasons of Happy Endings. It reminded me a lot of New Girl and was a perfect show to watch before bed or while doing stuff.

When I was on my girls trip a couple of months ago, I tried a local coffee liquor that was amazing, so I when I got back into town I searched for one to buy here and I came across Mr.Black Cold Brew Cofffee. It’s delicious! I’ll be sharing a cocktail with it on here soon, but it’s also yummy by itself martin style.

I’ve been wanting to try this collagen peptide powder for a while, finally started. I’m 2 weeks in, I’ll share an update after more time.

Just another article that shares the importance of natures role in our lives.

I love being barefoot, but as I get older I’m feeling more and more of the repercussions of it with pack and foot pains. This article shares great options for house shoes.

I’m obsessed with body scrubs. I’ve been using this KP body scrub one for a few months and love it. It’s meant for KP, which I don’t have, but I’ve heard it works really well for that too. I just love the texture and that it doesn’t disintegrate quickly.

Are you allowed to to Criticize Simone Biles?

I’ve always loved salads, but I’ve been very into them lately. Found this salad recipe archive and love all of the recipe inspiration!

 “Some of us think that if we’re not exhausted, we must not be doing enough. If we’re not sacrificing ourselves to the point of exhaustion, something is wrong. And if something’s easy, it can’t be the right path.” 

We’ve been coconut rum obsessed since returning from The Bahamas. We couldn’t find the exact Bahamian rum we drank over there here in the US, but we’ve been drinking Largo Bay and it’s yummy. It’s very sweet though, I’ve been drinking it on the rocks or with fresh squeezed lemon. We’re going to try Siesta Key or Koloa Kaua`i next, as I’ve read those are less sweet.

And on that note, I’m hoping to have my Bahamas trip recap posted next week!

Cheers to a new week, hope it’s a great one!

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