My Gentle Summer Skincare Routine

gentle summer skincare routine

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My Gentle Summer Skincare Routine

As soon as the weather gets very hot and I find myself in the sun and sweating more often, I like to change things up and embrace a gentle summer skincare routine. One that does as little stripping and as much hydrating as possible. Even though my skin will get more oily than usual with the summer heat, I’ve learned to not try and fight the inevitable and instead just focus on keeping my skin as nourished as possible while making sure I’m getting my pores cleaned too.


During the summer when I try not to use anything too harsh on my skin, I’ve found the best way to clean out my pores is with a facial steamer. I have the one above, it’s under $20 and does a great job. I do this post facial cleanser and before all other skincare products. I also don’t use it everyday, just a 2-3 a times a week.

I’ve been loyal to my La Roche Posay cleanser for almost 10 years and I still love it. However, when I want to use a more gentle cleanser, I really like the Vanicream cleanser. It’s very similar to Cerave, but I find it does a better job at taking off my makeup, which means it’s cleansing power is better.

For toner, I’ve been using Kiehl’s Clendula Herbal Extract Toner and it may be the most gentle toner I’ve ever used, leaving my face feeling soothed. It’s also alcohol-free which is a must!

I then follow with my usual face cream and the belief moisturizing eye bomb that gets absorbed into my skin immediately. This is especially important to me when it comes to eye creams, because I do find that if they’re too thick or greasy my eyelashes will stick to it and then it’ll get in my eye which is irritating and this is even more likely in the summertime when sweating and more oily skin is inevitable.

I finish off with Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Calming Mist – Dr. Jart+ which I’ve raved about before in my anti-redness post.

Twice a week I use the Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask on any areas that need extra moisturizing. It’s SO luscious and SO calming, I feel like it has an almost numbing affect. It’s really awesome. I like to use it around my nose too when my allergies get bad and that area is extra irritated and dry.

Lastly, the cocoa butter swivel stick that I use as chapstick all year long really, but especially during the summertime. It feels so good and moisturizes so well.

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