Current “IT” Dresses I Bought and Love

The Puff Sleeve Dress

krista perez wears puff sleeve dress

I know puff sleeves aren’t for everyone, but boy do I like them. Even on the simplest dress silhouette, they offer a pop of personality.

The Cut-Out Dress

krista perez wears cut out dress

Side cutouts have been everywhere. I find a side cutout to be the most flattering form of cutouts in a dress, as I feel like they accentuate the waist nicely. I also think they’re fun, without being too nakey.

The Scrunchie Back Strap Dress

krista perez wears scrunchie back strap dress

This was one of the more original styles I had seen this year. I love the elastic and ruched straps and bands in the back. Such a unique detail and I like how it gives dresses a geometrical square back, which is pretty in juxtaposition with an other words feminine style.

The Bold Print Dress

krista perez wears bold print dress

I’ve always gravitated towards bright, bold and printed dresses. I especially love a mixed print like the dress above, but any pattern will do for me. Luckily bold print dresses were everywhere this past year, so I was able to grab a couple new ones.

The Nap Dress

krista perez wears nap dress

While this isn’t the official Nap Dress by the brand Hill House who seemed to have coined the style and name, it’s got the same smocked top and exaggerated sleeves that nap dresses are known for. This style has really gained a cult following. I’m definitely not a die-hard nap dress fan, but I do love the feminine and frilly aspect of it.

The Slinky Cut-Out Dress

I think this was THE dress of summertime, especially summer vacations. This style of dress is totally not a typical choice of mine, but I thought it could have a moment on my birthday trip with my husband. Sun-kissed skin and serious tan lines were a perfect pairing for this dress.

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