Shoes I Own Multiple Pairs Of

abercrombie mom jeans and concverse platform high top outfit

Hello final days of August 👋🏻 Now onto September, which is the March of the Fall IMO. It’s a little bit of seasonal limbo. I feel the whiff of autumn, but I’m not fully immersed just yet. Regardless, I’m planning to head to the stores this week to get into the Fall mood and get some new decor.


I wore this outfit this past weekend. My very worn and favorite high rise jeans, this under $10 tee that I have in 5 colors and my new converse platform sneakers that I didn’t need, but just couldn’t pass up. I LOVE them. They are so comfortable.

One of the reasons I didn’t need these platform sneakers were because I have 2 other pairs of converse, both white and one of them high top. BUT, I wear those so much and really love them. So I realized these will get just as much wear and be a good addition to my collection. Which had me thinking of the several style of shoes I own multiples of and I thought I would share them with you today.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So for a while now, if I’ve found a shoe that checks off all of my boxes (comfortable, cute, versatile) I usually end up buying a few pairs of them in different colors or any other variation the brand offers.

Shoes I Own Multiple Pairs Of

White Converse Sneakers

I mean what much is there to say? I think everybody should have a pair of white converse in their closet. They’re the best. You can see my wear them here and here.

Vans Old Skool Sneakers

If I’m not wearing my converse, I’m wearing my Old Skool sneakers. Just as classic, versatile and comfortable. Actually, I think I find the Old Skool sneaker a little more cushiony that the classic low top converse.

Dolce Vita Braided Slide Sandals

WOW. I have never worn a heel that is TRULY as equally pretty as it is comfortable. These slide heel sandals are SO comfortable. The heel feels almost rubbery, so it has such a good bounce and absorption, which makes them so easy on the feet. I also find the heel is a wonderful height. have two pairs of these cuties. You can see me wear them here.

Target Buckle Sandals

I’ve talked about these target sandals before-they’re fun, weigh nothing, and are $10. I have 4 pairs!

Nike Air Max Sneakers

Along with the Nike Theas, the Air Max 270‘s are my favorite. They’re sleek with a little umph in the heel and come in tons of color combinations.

TKEES Sandals

I KNOW. $50 for a pair of flip flops is a lot. However, I love a having 1-2 pairs of simple, neutral and delicate thong sandals to wear with everything from jeans and dresses to taking them on my beach vacation with me. I have gone with much cheaper pairs and they don’t last. I have 2 pairs of TKEES and they’ve gotten wet, sandy and gotten lots of wear and hey hold up well. However, I do recommend the matte version. The glossy version wears way more quickly.

Sam Edelman Yaro Heels

For many years the Steve Madden Carrson sandal was my go to heeled sandal for everything. I have it in 3 colors. They unfortunately stopped making them. I discovered the Sam Edelman Yaro Heel shortly after and now these are my go-to’s and they’re available in TONS of colors/patterns. I also think they’re comfier than the Carrson.

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